Cancun, Quintana Roo

Whether you’re ready to book now and travel this summer, or book now and travel later in the year (or even next year), travel planning isn’t going to look or feel the same for you. 


Before the year that was 2020, planning travel was already a lot of work. You had to figure out a destination, flights, and accommodations.
And now? Well, now you have to do all those things as well as navigate the ever-changing rules of each destination (including layovers), figure out the travel protocols in each destination, and navigate the opening hours and closures of various activities.
It’s a LOT. So you’re really only left with one option… to use a professional travel advisor like me!


For only $100.00 I’ll do ALL the work for you.
  • We’ll have a consultation and I’ll listen to your travel goals,
  • I’ll research plan and book each element of your vacation,
  • I’ll keep on top of the protocols for your destination as well as each element of your vacation,
  • I’ll prepare all of your documentation, AND
  • I’ll be only one text away before and during your vacation.
To ensure we are a good fit to work together, we provide a complimentary initial consultation to all our clients.
We all need something to look forward to, so whether you’re ready to hop on that plane today, or 6 months from now, we’ve got you covered.
Reach out today by sending Sophie a Direct Message.


Professional Fees for each Trip

Flight bookings: $50.00 per person

All Inclusive Packages: $100.00 per booking

FIT: Depends on the complexity. Starting at $250.00 per file

Plus your cost of the trip, taxes and extras


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