Cabo Coastline

The coastline around Los Cabos spans 20miles reaching from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of California. This means that some of the best sights and views can all be seen by boat. For this reason, the Los Cabos Marina offers everything from fishing trips and whale watching cruises to day cruises and dinner cruises. No matter which you chose, a boat cruise around Los Cabos should absolutely be on your to-do list!

Learn to Dive in Los Cabos

The Cabo San Lucas Marine Park is well known for its dramatic rock formations and dive sites. On any given day, you can see anything from sea turtles, surgeonfish, parrotfish, angelfish to Moorish idols, rays, and more. The clam gulf waters around Los Cabos make it an ideal spot for divers to explore. If you’ve never been scuba diving before and want to learn, this is the perfect destination! In the marina, dozens of dive schools will get you set up and teach you everything you need. You can take group lessons or private lessons that will have you diving before you know it!

Can you think of a better place to learn to scuba dive than Cabo?!


Sunsets are romantic, inspiring, and Instagram-able, yet most of us only make time for this exceptional experience when we are on vacation. Even though you don’t need to be in an exotic place to enjoy the calming beauty of a sunset, something about being on vacation does make it a little better. One of my favorite places to see the sunset is in Los Cabos, Mexico. Seeing the sunset over the pacific with unobstructed views and a refreshing cocktail in my hand is my idea of paradise. After a day out in the sun and on the water, it’s nice to relax at a beachside restaurant in Los Cabos to take in the view and reflect on the day.

When was the last time you made time to enjoy the sunset? If it’s been a while, DM or email me today to start planning your next trip.

The Arches

You’ve probably seen a version of this picture before but may have never known where it was taken. El Arco, or The Arch, is easily the most famous landmark in all of Los Cabos, Mexico. Located at Land’s End, which is literally the end of the Baja California Peninsula, El Arco is where the Pacific meets the gulf. This large granite structure protrudes from the water and is not so easy to reach by land. The best way to get to the arch is via boat leaving from the marina. Once you arrive, you can hop out and spend a day at the nearby beach and snap your own pictures in front of this natural landmark.


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