About Carl Henderson

Travel is a very personal thing – some love it, some hate it and others like me are completely addicted to it. Venturing off to explore new destinations, cultures, sites and sounds has always enthralled me and I love nothing more than planning the next trip before the current one has ended.

On my mission to explore the world, I have to date travelled to over 60 different countries. Twice in my life now, I have been fortunate enough to take a year off to travel with the most recent journey being from September 2005 to September 2006 (for my online journal visit www.livingadream.ca). These adventures along with my regular work trips and personal vacations have given me a wealth of travel experience even beyond my wildest dreams.

People often ask me what is my favourite destination. Of course, this is a near impossible question to answer as each is so different from the next, but some of my favourite regions are definitely the South Pacific, Africa and South-East Asia! And as for my favourite type of vacation that varies too. For a relaxing get-away – nothing beats a cruise with the outstanding meals, impeccable service and never ending options. However to get out and explore the grass plains of the Serengeti on safari or travel by boat down the Mekong River to Luang Prabang in Laos are also unforgettable, favourite travel memories.

One day I hope to return to these destinations as well as continuing to explore our great world. I am a firm believer that if you make your work your play, you’ll never work another day, and this is why I love what I do for a living. My passion for seeing the world can be shared on a daily basis in helping others achieve their dream vacations and adventures. I could not ask for a better career than working as your Personal Travel Consultant.


Working With Me

My business is working as a Personal Travel Consultant. I am a professional travel planner and continually work to further my education and knowledge to better serve my clients.

My goal is to get to know you and your travel preferences. What are your likes and dislikes when you travel? What are your travel dreams and long term goals as to which parts of the world you would like to explore?

I want to develop a long term relationship with you to help you fulfill all your travel needs and together we can create your travel dreams lifelong memories.


Certified Travel Manager (CTM)

You have wisely chosen to book your travel services with the best the travel industry has to offer!

Ontario has very little regulations on who can call themselves a travel counsellor or travel agent. Other provinces have no regulations at all.

As a CTM I have followed a course of professional development consisting of attendance at seminars and workshops, the acquisition of industry experience and the receipt of a passing grade on the National Travel Industry Standards Examination. Upon completing the requirements, I was awarded the CTM designation through CITC – Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors.



· Specialize in your dream fulfillment
· Offer multi-price & multi-airline comparisons to save you time & money
· Show you all the costs of travel – NO HIDDEN CHARGES
· Listen to your travel needs
· Create a personal file of your likes and dislikes, preferences & special needs
· Defend your travel booking in case of disputes

CTC’s and CTM’s differentiate themselves from the masses selling travel. Ensure that you get the most out of your travel experience. Book your travel with a CTM!

Thank you for your business!

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