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Why Book With a TPI Advisor?

Have you ever checked into a hotel and had your favourite bowl of candy waiting for you in your room or sat down for dinner and had the waiter already know that you are allergic to the peanut sauce? If the answer is no then you probably don’t book your trips with a travel agent. Many people are beginning to think that with the ever-expanding internet, travel agents are going to be phased out, but they are wrong.


Yes, we are seeing more booking platforms online which are available to assist travellers with their reservations, but where we see the negative in this is the personalization and extra touches that a website can not offer. With a travel agent, you have access to a real person available just for you and who has real relationships with suppliers around the world. These relationships can lead to early check-ins, special treatments, and even unexpected lower rates.


Book with your TPI Advisor and truly experience personalization at its finest. We have access to exclusive amenities, upgrades, and unique experiences from our trusted preferred partners. Being a part of the exclusive network of Virtuoso, this allows us to be experts in connecting you with the perfect itinerary while providing the best value for your money and time. We understand that time is the most important thing for our clients, and to have you trust us with this important commodity is what pushes us to go the extra mile to create the most memorable trips for you.


Next time you are thinking of booking that weekend getaway or bucket list trip, remember how much value booking with your TPI Advisor would add to your experience.


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