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One person’s idea of the best holiday destinations in the world differs wildly from the next’s. It all depends, of course, on what you want from a holiday. Whether your idea of fun is taking off as many clothes as is humanly decent and lying down for two weeks, or standing ponderously before Giotto’s candlelit frescoes in Assisi, or hacking through rainforest to discover the indigenous tribe that has never clapped eyes on an outsider. Why every day thousands make the pilgrimage that is the three-hour queue at Madame Tussaud’s to see a bunch of famous dummies, and they can’t get enough of it.

Some places in the world, however, are so unequivocally brilliant, so indisputably incredible, that it would take extraordinary effort to not love them. Places that have everyone from belligerent old uncles to jaded been-there-done-it-alls about what a simply WONDERFUL holiday they had. So here is the ultimate holiday calendar to help you find out where to go when, top holiday destinations whether you want beaches or wilderness, safari or city breaksskiing or winter sun; whether you want to know where to go in October, or where to escape the crowds at Easter: the 10 best holiday destinations for every month of the year.



Where to go on holiday in January
Kick-off the New Year somewhere amazing and uplifting – our top 10 holiday destinations for January are all epic and give a much-needed dose of winter sun to beat the post-holiday party blues.


Where to go on holiday in February
February is possibly the best month for winter sun in the tropics – the January crowds have departed, prices have dipped, the weather’s still hot and sunny – and it’s carnival time! These are our Top 10 destinations for holidays in February


Where to go on holiday in March
March is often a good time for cheap holidays – a shoulder-season month between the Christmas and Easter crowds when it’s heavenly in certain long-haul destinations and you can find early spring sun just four hours’ flight from the UK.


Where to go on holiday in April
Sure-fire-fantastic ideas for holidays in April, as spring warms up the Med and Europe’s greatest cities come out from hibernation – and a few far-flung under-the-radar destinations you might not have considered but will definitely love. Plus where to safari in April, and where to ski in April.


Where to go on holiday in May
May time, playtime: not one but two bank holidays for weekend breaks; where to find spring sun in Europe; why May is our favourite month in these North American destinations; plus the little-known islands with year-round sunshine just a four-hour flight away.


Where to go on holiday in June
Summer’s here – quick, take a summer holiday before the schools break up! Here’s where to find the best beach holidays in June, a few excellent city breaks, plus an epic trip of a lifetime.


Where to go on holiday in July
Holidays in July where you can beat the crowds, from Great British beach holidays to a few beach holiday destinations in Europe you might not have thought of – and some epic long-haul destinations at their absolute best in July.


Where to go on holiday in August
Where to go in August when the world and his wife are on holiday? These are our top 10 holiday destinations for August to escape the crowds, where you can still find a quiet beach and a table at the best restaurants in these good-time cities.


Where to go on holiday in September
Sunshine, lower prices, quieter beaches – why September is the best month to go to Santorini, IbizaSicily, and more of our favourite Mediterranean islands, top beach destinations, and some of the best cities in Europe


Where to go on holiday in October
Holidays in October are ideal for the last blast of sunshine in southern Europe where it’s still hot and sunny. It’s a top month for nature shows, too, from the fiery autumn displays to wildlife in a few of the world’s most extraordinary islands. Read our top 10 holiday destinations for October here.


Where to go on holiday in November
Time for a long-haul holiday, a burst of winter sun. You can still find warm weather in Europe, if you know where to look; while South America, the Caribbean and the Antipodes are perfect for beach holidays in November, with prices low before the Christmas rush. Read our top 10 holiday destinations for November here.


Where to go on holiday in December
Some of the world’s best winter-sun destinations are in their prime in December. So which is the best Caribbean island at Christmas? Where are the best places to spend New Year’s Eve? Plus the top holiday destinations for winter sun in December, and where to ski at Christmas.


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