TPITPI launches Walktober Challenge in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month - TPI

TPI launches Walktober Challenge in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to increase awareness and raise money for the cause, the advisors and head office team at Travel Professionals International (TPI) are participating in a new fundraiser called the TPI Walktober Challenge.  

The idea behind the campaign, which runs October 1-31, is for the TPI family to walk virtually along Canada’s Trans Canada Trail, from coast to coast, and achieve a combined total distance of 8,500 km.

Throughout the month, participants will post fun photos of the destinations they “stop” at while organizing a fundraising event for breast cancer awareness.

Each day participants will complete a set number of steps, which will move them along a pre-set map that starts in Victoria, BC, and ends in St. John’s, NL, over the course of 31 days.

Advisors will log their daily steps in an online form, which they’ll also be able to share with their clients to track their progress (clients will also be able to contribute their own steps towards each daily goal).

There will be fun activities and bonus challenges along the way, too! Some cities will, for example, present contests involving apple pie cooking, pumpkin carving and Halloween costumes.

Participants are being encouraged to share fun photos of their walks and activities on social media and TPI’s platforms using the hashtag #TPIWalktoberChallange.

Inspired by a great idea

The fundraiser was inspired by a virtual trek the Planeterra Foundation, the non-profit partner of G Adventures and G Touring, organized in August.

The “Planeterra Trek Challenge,” as it was called, invited the travel industry at large to join a virtual journey to Everest Base Camp to help rebuild community tourism around the world following the devastating impact of COVID-19.

TPI was an active participate in this challenge, recording a whopping 4,597,881 steps and coming in second place for the most money raised. (They set out to raise $5,000, but in the end, raised more than $7,000!)

“One of the big wins of the Trek was the incredible display of camaraderie and how this Trek brought our advisors together,” said Zeina Gedeon, president and CEO of TPI. “Every morning I would log onto our TPI Insider page and see such inspiring messages from advisors and my Facebook feed was filled with videos of our advisor’s daily walks. Our TPI Trekkers were being cheered on by their clients, advisors and supplier partners. It was incredible to see!”

Gedeon said the Planeterra Trek “spurred on a movement within our organization” to get moving and work towards a goal together.

“We decided to keep the momentum going,” she said.

Gedeon stressed the importance of teamwork and giving back during what has been one of the most challenging times for the travel industry.

“In a year that has brought so much chaos and uncertainty, coming together to support each other and a worthy cause is so important, and it makes me so proud that our TPI advisors are keen and eager to keep on walking beside us,” she said. “Together we can continue to achieve great things.”

PAX is the official media partner for TPI’s Walktober Challenge. Stay tuned for more updates and follow along using the hashtag #TPIWalktoberChallenge!


Published in Pax News on October 1, 2020.

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