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TPI Appoints Morgan as VP, Maps Year Ahead

Travel Professionals International announces the appointment of Tim Morgan as Vice President, effective immediately.

“After many years of working closely with Tim, it is my sincere pleasure to announce his appointment as Vice President of TPI,” said Morris Chia, TPI President & CEO.“I am equally humbled and honoured by my appointment to Vice President,” said Morgan. “My nearly eight years with TPI have been incredibly rewarding and I look forward to continuing to work with our exceptional staff and advisors to help TPI reach the ever-greater heights of success that I know it can achieve.”

Going forward in 2013 and 2014, under the direction of Chia and Morgan, TPI is embarking on a renewed focus in three core areas which it recently unveiled to its network: the recruitment, development, and retention of superb and passionate support staff and advisors, the implementation of sales-centric resources and initiatives to help grow advisors’ businesses, and the roll-out of best-in-class technologies developed in-house and with industry-leading technology partners to improve support staff and advisor productivity.

Tim Morgan can be reached at or 1-204-987-3336.

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