TPISay aloha to great rates when you stay at select hotels in Kona and Lihue. - TPI

Say aloha to great rates when you stay at select hotels in Kona and Lihue. WestJet Takes You to Hawaii

Lihue mountains at sunset

Say aloha to great rates when you stay at select hotels in Kona and Lihue.

As you land in Kona, you’ll see endless fields of black lava rock, providing an unusually beautiful welcome mat. Large areas of the coast and interior are covered in thick green vegetation. The black-sand beaches are calm and comfortable, and the ocean is a sparkling blue. Travellers looking for traditional island fun are well taken care of here. But if you’re the kind of person who wants a little dash of adventure alongside luxury, the Big Island is also the perfect spot for you.

Kauai tugs at the adventurer within. It inspires you to get out and explore its incredible hiking trails and to test its waters with a surfboard, boogie board or stand-up paddleboard. Or perhaps even travel across the water on an outrigger canoe to experience the way the ancient Polynesians travelled, guided by the stars and an intimate knowledge of the sea.


Kauai, the lushest island and nicknamed The Garden Island is laid back and a playground for adventure. Picture Jurassic Park (without the dinosaurs), rain forests, emerald valleys, waterfalls and blue sparkling water.  There is a good range of condo accommodation in the resort areas of Poipu (South Shore) and The Royal Coconut Coast (East Side). Poipu is the sunniest part of the island and together with its perfect beaches, small towns, resorts and golf, this area can be as chill or as fun as you would like. Up on the Royal Coconut Coast north of Lihue, golden beaches are scattered along the coast and attractions including Fern Grotto, the Wailua River and Kapaa Town are close by.


On the Island of Hawaii (aka The Big Island), the Kohala Coast on the northwest side of the island is home to world-class accommodation and great condo choices, many set on the fairways of one of its two golf courses. The Waikoloa Resort area has beaches, resorts, shopping and great dining combined with historic sites including petroglyph preserves, sacred fishponds and centuries-old lava fields. On the southwest side of the island is Kailua-Kona, a quaint seaside town surrounded by a few big box stores, so you are never far away from a shopping fix or a Costco run.

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