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How to Sell More Domestic Travel – Colton Chia, Director of Partnerships

As Canadians are still under a non-essential travel ban, dealing with limited options for international flights and clients who are craving getaways, Colton Chia, Director of Partnerships at TPI, says it’s wise for travel advisors to focus on selling Canada.

“Typically, advisors don’t focus on close-to-home vacation planning, but there is a great opportunity here to grow your client base while delivering exceptional Canadian vacations, if you can work with a new or existing client to plan a staycation, you remain top of mind and a great way to secure future business,” Chia tells Travel Courier. “We have a dedicated team working closely with our supplier partners on a strategy to gather promote North American products for our advisors. All of the consumer-facing marketing initiatives that we deploy for our advisors are focusing on inspiration and staycation content to showcase North American products.”

In order to help facilitate growth within the domestic landscape, TPI created an exclusive website for its advisors showcasing a list of travel partners that service the Canadian travel market, as well as a list of all Virtuoso hotel partners.

“Become a local expert and let people know that you are an expert,” he stresses. “By getting to know the ins and outs of the key travel spots in your province and areas across the country, you become the go-to expert. Canadians want a change of scenery, even if that is just for the weekend, they may not think that you can help them plan a Canadian vacation, so you need to ensure you get the word out that you can assist and showcase your knowledge and ask for the business. TPI ” has suggested treating this time as an investment in your future business by growing your database and securing some income during a time where we have limited options for immediate travel sales.”

One thing that this pandemic has brought forward, even more, he says, is the importance of working with a travel advisor.

“The best thing travel advisors can do right now is to communicate with their clients,” he adds. “Keeping open communication with their clients and keeping them updated with all the latest information is of the utmost importance to build their trust.


Posted Travel Courier on June, 18, 220