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Set sail with Viking Cruises

5 Reasons to Book a Viking Ocean Cruise

Ask us to point to the best thing about Viking Ocean Cruises and you might be met with a blank stare. Not because there isn’t anything to recommend the line, though — it’s quite the opposite actually. With Viking, every detail — from the decor and atmosphere to the food and itineraries —is special and it is the experience as a whole that makes these cruises truly remarkable. So we couldn’t possibly choose just one best thing.

If you’ve enjoyed the company’s sister line of river cruises,you are sure to be impressed by their spectacular ocean line. And if you’re new to Viking cruises, well, you’re in for a treat. Here are our top five reasons to book a Viking Ocean Cruise today:

#1: Viking is at the top of its game

Ranked as the World’s Best Ocean Cruise Line by Travel + Leisure for two years in a row (2016 and 2017), Vikingoffers an incredible experience aboard its beautiful vessels. There’s no better time to discover what all the fuss is about. Among the top luxury cruise lines, Viking has the youngest fleet of ocean liners, including two brand-new ships. This means you’ll be sailing on the newest vessels with a company proving to be the very best in its class.

#2: Clean and serene experience

Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed by work? There’s nothing like a quiet vacation to clear the head. Viking offers an exceptionally serene environment aboard its ocean vessels. Uncluttered spaces, light-filled rooms and a decidedly un-mega-cruise-ship feel are the hallmarks of a Viking voyage. The well-designed ships keep to a clean Scandinavian aesthetic and maxes out at just 930 passengers. What a breath of fresh air.

#3: Inspiring itineraries

On a Viking voyage, the itineraries are as important as the onboard experience. Viking is able to take advantage of its smaller-sized ships to bring passengers into ports other cruise ships simply cannot navigate. And being closer to the main destinations — as opposed to out-of-the-way ports — means less hassle and more time to explore.

But beyond just the convenience of the smaller ships, Viking really shines with its port-rich innovative itineraries. The hardest part is deciding which itinerary to head out on first.


#4: Immersive Cultural Experiences


One of Viking’s stated goals is to provide travellers with an immersive cultural experience in every port — and the company really delivers. Not only does each stop include one free excursion, but Viking likes to curated experiences that give travellers a glimpse into local life and culture. Onboard, passengers have further opportunity to explore the cultures they are visiting through optional lectures, art exhibits, shows and food/wine tastings.

#5: Inclusive Pricing

 Nothing can ruin a vacation vibe faster than having to think about money all the time. On Viking, almost everything is included: from all dining options and wine with meals to shore excursions and unlimited wi-fi. Want to eat dinner in your room? No problem — room service is available free of charge any time of day or night. You can even visit the luxury spa pools (treatments are extra of course) and do your laundry without having to reach for your wallet. Now that’s something to celebrate.


Five ‘Life-Saving’ Items to add to Your Regular Packing List

You’re getting ready for your next trip. The suitcase is open on the bed, and you’re going down the list of everything you’ll need to take with you.

Sandals? Check. Wind breaker? Check. Sunscreen? Check.

Duct tape? Wait….what?

You read that correctly. A small roll of duct tape takes up a tiny bit of space, but can save you in tons of different ways. Patch a tear in your shoes, jacket, or trusty bag. Baby proof a hotel room in ten seconds by covering outlets and taping drawers shut. Hem your pants. Use as a bandage in an emergency. The list goes on and on.

Here are four more things that should become part of your regular packing list:

External USB battery charger. Nothing is more exasperating or panic-inducing than finding yourself lost and needing to pull up that email with directions, or that map to your hotel, or make a phone call — and having your smartphone conk out on you. Save outlet space in airports, hotels, train stations, and other oft-traveled places. Always have a way to charge up your phone, tablet, or other USB powered electronic device, even if there are no outlets available.

The humble safety pin can be an amazing asset. Aside from the usual functions — holding your pants or shirt together, for example, when you lose a button — they also can serve to bundle small items like jewelry orkeys, to keep everything organized and in one place. Discretely place a pin on the inside hem of a slip or s
atin jacket lining to eliminate static cling. Use them to attach easily-lost things like mittens to the zipper or hood of your kids’ jackets.


A few strips of chamois (or other absorbent fabric) in different sizes. You can keep them all in a zip-lock bag (along with a couple of other bags for temporarily storing used cloths until you can wash them) — but having different sizes helps for different situations, and it’s best to choose fabrics that are also quick-drying. Small squares for cleaning glasses. A washcloth for bigger spills or for freshening up at a rest stop. Use a bandana-sized piece to tie back your hair or, when dampened, tie around your head on a hot day to keep cool. A long, narrower strip can serve as an emergency belt, hair tie, ace bandage, or even a way to tie a bag closed if a zipper breaks. They even make fantastic travel towels, because they roll up into a compact size, suck up the liquid, and dry completely in no time at all.


My contact information. As your travel agent, my job doesn’t end when yourtrip starts!

It’s not common, but sometimes complications arise while you are traveling, and I am always available to youto assist wit
h sticky situations you might find yourself in. (This is, of course, just one of the many perks of working with a travel agent!) Before your trip, you can make a “favorites” list in your phone of all trip-related contact info — my number and email address, hotel, car rental, reservations, etc. — for easy access. That way, I’m always just a call away. To find out more about the benefits of working with me and to plan your next trip, contact me today.


Why use a TPI Travel Advisor to plan your trip?

There used to be a time when travel was so daunting for ordinary people that experts were consulted whenever someone needed to book a train or steamer ticket. Nowadays, the Internet makes it possible to plan a trip with the click of a mouse, and many people are taking on travel by themselves.

However, as the travel world gets more accessible, it also becomes more saturated. Every destination includes a dizzying wealth of information, from the best time to visit to the cultural dos and don’ts, while choosing a hotel can mean wading through endless websites and online reviews. Add tour guides, attractions and restaurants to the mix and suddenly, planning your annual getaway takes way more than just a few keystrokes – it becomes rather overwhelming.This is where a travel advisor comes in handy. These worldly experts make it their business to trot the globe in search of the next great adventure or luxurious retreat, and they’re dedicated to giving you the trip you’ve always dreamed about – no matter what that entails.

Here are some reasons why you can’t put a price on expert advice:

A TPI Advisor knows people!   Sure, anyone can book a three-night deal at the Ritz. But can you secure an upgrade that includes breakfast, a spa credit and private city tours? Your agent can; she not only knows the general manager, she also sends the hotel a lot of overnight guests each year, meaning the Ritz wants to keep her happy. The best agents have long-standing relationships with companies and professionals around the world, and they’ll gladly share those hard-won connections with you, giving you access to perks you couldn’t get on your own.

A TPI Advisor is an expert and knows things based on experience and feedback! If this is your first time in a new destination, planning an itinerary on your own often includes relying on the suggestions of Internet strangers. Such guesswork can be risky, especially if you’re hoping for a unique experience, so why leave it up to chance? Your travel advisor has been where you’re going (probably more than once), and can recommend must-do activities, upcoming events, and even attractions to avoid – all tailored to your taste and budget.

TPI Advisors truly care about your trip as much as you do!  Our travel advisors are not only passionate about making your vacation dreams come true, they also know that a satisfied client is a client who returns – and makes recommendations. Advisors are just as invested in your trip as you, and will do everything possible to make it memorable – including designing an itinerary for your exact specifications, being available throughout your trip in case things don’t go perfectly to plan, and even arranging little extras along the way.

In the end, using a TPI Travel Advisor really comes down to value. Whether you’re looking for an elegant escape or somewhere new to explore, their expertise and insider access is guaranteed to bring you more bang for your buck – along with perks, flexibility and securities you’ll never find anywhere else.

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