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TPI partners with Breast Cancer Society of Canada for #TPIWalktoberChallenge

Travel Professionals International (TPI) has partnered the Breast Cancer Society of Canada as it continues to raise awareness and funds during Breast Cancer Awareness Month through a new fundraiser called the “TPI Walktober Challenge.”

From Oct. 1-31, TPI advisors and staff are walking, virtually, along Canada’s Trans Canada Trail, from coast to coast, to achieve a combined total distance of 8,500 km.


Each day participants will complete a set number of steps, which will move them along a pre-set map that starts in Victoria, BC, and ends in St. John’s, NL.

READ MORETPI launches Walktober Challenge in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Advisors are logging their steps online and are sharing their progress with their clients (clients, too, can contribute their own steps towards each daily goal).

There are fun activities along the way, and participants are documenting their journey on social media using the hashtag #TPIWalktoberChallenge.

Zeina Gedeon, president and CEO of TPI, said she’s “amazed’ by the positive response TPI has received about the campaign so far.

“We are so amazed from all of the feedback and engagement we are seeing from our advisors and their clients for our #TPIWalktoberChallenge and we would like to invite our industry colleagues to join us in this virtual journey from walking coast to coast in Canada,” said Gedeon.  “We are so proud and thankful of all the efforts our TPI family (advisors, head office team and clients) have been doing to increase awareness and raise funds for this great cause.”

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada, established in 1991, is a national non-profit charity dedicated to saving lives through breast cancer research, while raising money to fund patient-focused research for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of breast cancer.

“We are excited to have partnered with the Breast Cancer Society of Canada for our #TPIWalktoberChallenge,” said Gedeon. “The reason why we partnered with them is because of their mission to raise money and fund research to cure this devastating disease. All the funding they receive is from donors.”

Raise funds, have fun

TPI’s goal is to raise $10,000 through its #TPIWalktoberChallenge.

Thursday (Oct. 8th) marks the eighth day of the challenge, which will see participants walking from Yellowknife to Saskatoon. (According to the challenge’s official guidebook, this equates to 14,689 steps).

“We have a fun challenge ahead for all of us in Saskatoon,” noted Gedeon. “Thanksgiving weekend brings friends and family together to give thanks for all we are fortunate for, but this year we come together virtually with our families.”

The challenge this weekend is to bake an apple or pumpkin pie and share a photo of it on Facebook supported by the #TPIWalkoberChallenge hashtag by Monday evening said Gedeon.

Over the past seven days, the TPI family, collectively, has impressively walked more than 5,429,982 steps.

Industry colleagues can access the official step tracking form for the challenge hereThe campaign’s official guidebook can be found here.

To donate towards the #TPIWalktoberChallengeclick here


Published in Pax News on October 8, 2020

TPI Network Wears Red In Honour Of Fallen Victims In Nova Scotia


TPI advisors and head office staff wore red and observed a moment of silence on the network’s daily call last Friday in honour of the lives lost in Nova Scotia on April 18 and 19.

“Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of the victims,” TPI said in a release.

Posted in Open Jaw on April 27, 2020

5 Things Travel Advisors Should Focus On Right Now!

During these unprecedented times in the travel industry, it is essential for independent Travel Advisors to focus on their business plan and how they can make changes to prepare for unforeseen circumstances in the future.

Travel Professionals International (TPI) outlines five main points all Travel Advisors should focus on during this time:

1. Don’t Forget Your Marketing Plan

Even in times of uncertainty, Advisors need to remember their communication with their clients is crucial. Although not all your clients may be experiencing trip interruptions, it is essential to communicate to your entire list of clients that you are here to support them and will continue to be there when they are ready to book their next dream vacation.

TPI Advisors have access to a TPI COVID-19 Portal with endless information at their fingertips. The marketing section of the portal includes templated emails to send to their clients regarding supplier updates and government guidelines for returning home, along with a social media corner with images and messaging to post on their business pages. Keep that constant contact with your clients and let them know that when this all passes, you will be here to help them plan those much-needed dream getaways.

2. Stay Organized

In time, this too shall pass, and the Travel Industry will come out stronger than ever! As a trusted Advisor to your clients, you want to be ready for the next wave of inquiries and bookings. TPI is advising their Advisors to “get organized.”

Now is the time to make sure all your client profiles are updated and any administrative work that you have been pushing aside is up to date. You won’t remember what the policy was 24 months from now, so ensure that you have all of your invoicing up to date and CRM notes updated. It will help you in the long run. TPI has created a step-by-step process and webinar training to help map out the must-dos for their Advisors.

3. Educate Yourself!

Now is the time to level up your training, from partner specialist courses to professional development sessions. It is the right time to brush up and learn new skills and software that you have wanted to learn but never actually had the time to do it. TPI is hosting a daily session to improve Advisor knowledge on various tools such as Sabre, CBO, Mailchimp and other marketing and tech tools.

4. Your Host Agency is Your Best Support

With more than 930 Advisors across Canada, the leading and esteemed host agency has made a significant impression on their trusted Advisors during this time, with their outstanding support plan to assist their Advisors. TPI Advisors have a long list of resources made available to them by their Head Office team to help them during these trying times.

  • Daily town hall calls hosted by TPI CEO, Zeina Gedeon, along with National Director of Sales, Caroline Hay and the Head Office team to answer Advisor questions regarding supplier policies, insurance and daily COVID-19 government updates.
  • TPI Advisors have access to up-to-date supplier notices in their learning management system and an active Facebook group, which is monitored hourly by the internal team.
  • TPI Advisors have been provided with ongoing communication, including email triage templates to inform their clients, consumer-facing social media and email templates. TPI also prepared a templated letter for Advisors to send to MPs to request support for small businesses at this time.
  • They have created a one-stop TPI COVID-19 Portal for Advisors to have access to all the ever-changing information consolidated for them at their fingertips.
  • TPI has actively been in conversation with ACTA and other small business federation to come up with various measures like interest-free loans, tax credits and compensation for the independent contractors to help our Advisors during this tough time.

It is in times like these that being a part of an award-winning host agency is a substantial benefit to an Advisor’s confidence and trust.

5. We Are in This Together!

Whether you have a host agency supporting you to navigate through this or you are a member of an active travel agent Facebook group, now is the time to come together. Use the resources that you have available to get through tough times together.

TPI keeps an open conversation on their private Facebook group. Advisors feel comfortable asking any questions on the page and will receive responses from both their fellow Advisors and a head office team member. These are the types of tools that make an Advisor feel like family. TPI sees tremendous value in these open communication platforms, as do Advisors.

Our industry is very resilient and has come together again to battle this crisis. We appreciate everything that our industry partners are doing to support our Travel Advisors.

Together, we will recover from these unprecedented times and come out stronger!

Sponsored article by Travel Professionals International.

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