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Associate Investment & Commissions

Associate Investment & Commissions

When you are in the travel business, your earnings come from commissions paid by our suppliers. As a TPI Associate, you receive commissions that exceed industry standards, and represent the largest share of the earned commissions. You also become eligible for special offers for your own personal travel!
Domestic AirfareUp to 7%
International AirfareUp to 7%
Cruise LinesAverage 15%
Car Rentals10-15%
Insurance CoverageUp to 44.5%

TPI has developed programs that recognizes and rewards Associates by accelerating the commission levels as your volume grows starting at 70% and going as high as 93%. The price to own your own travel business is $3499 plus taxes.

A Typical Sale

The following shows how the TPI commission structure works for a leisure travel booking.

This example is based on a two-person tour booking for a TPI Associate.

Cost of tour:$4,500
Level of commission:8 - 15%
Gross revenue:$360 - $675
You receive 70% of the net revenue:$252.50 - $472.50
Travel Insurance:$220
Level of commission:@ 44.5%
Gross Revenue:$97.90
You receive @70% net revenue:$68.53
TOTAL REVENUE$320.53 - $541.03

It takes just 6-11 bookings to earn back your investment!

Fixed Overhead

The following fees recur either annually or monthly as stated.

Annual membership & Support fees$495 Annually
Minimum Support Fee$69 Monthly
Optional (Online booking engine)$30 Monthly

Licensing procedures and costs vary by province. (Ask for details)

The above examples are provided as estimates. TPI cannot guarantee the actual costs or earnings of an individual Associate. There are many factors that will determine any Associates success, including your own efforts, time invested and skill-sets. Fees and costs subject to change without notice.

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