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Affiliate Fees & Commissions

Affiliate Fees & Commissions

Annual Membership fee- $495 annually

Our minimum Monthly Support Fee is $69.00 (not including taxes). You can choose our optional Softvoyage customer direct booking engine to be included on your personal website for an extra $30.00 (plus taxes) monthly.

Travel Insurance licensing varies by province. Procedures and costs vary and we will direct you accordingly.

It’s that simple. For as little as $495.00 annually plus $69.00 monthly you could be working for yourself with the full support TPI behind you.


As per British Columbia Consumer Protection all advisors are required to obtain a license.  There are extra costs involved.  Please ask for details & TPI assists you in obtaining the proper documents. Note: TPI is 100% compliant with all CPBC requirements.


For Ontario agencies TPI adheres to the TICO requirements. Contact us for more information.



Commission Split Structure

At TPI we only succeed if you succeed and therefore we have developed a program with just that in mind. Our Affiliate program recognizes and rewards experienced travel industry professionals, like you, by accelerating your commission level as your volume grows.

Start at whatever level of sales you currently have, lowest starting  rate is 70% commission but up to 93% depending on your current volume.  You receive this on your entire book of business.

Verification will be required,  we are happy to recognize your current sales level.

A change in the percentage of commission revenue paid occurs after reaching each volume level threshold until another volume level  is reached OR until the end of the fiscal year – whichever occurs first. Volume thresholds must be reached within the fiscal year to be applicable.



Recognition Program

In addition to the commissions, our recognition program called Velocity offers many added bonuses such as reduced or free trips, reductions in your fees just to name a few…

Seem too good to be true?

Do the math, then contact us and we’ll show you just how simple it really is.




Contact us for more information.