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Did you know?
TPI independent travel advisors who sell between $700k and $800k annually in travel put at least $65k annually in their pockets. If they’re selling between $1.0M and $1.5M annually that number grows to nearly $110k in their pockets! How does your salary compare?


Did you know?
TPI independent travel advisors have an average of over 13 years of experience as a travel advisor, including 25% that have over 20 years of experience as a travel advisor. You’re in good company!


Did you know?
TPI doesn’t just help individual travel advisors. TPI has over 20 independent storefront agencies that use its services and systems to make more money and have fun doing it!

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The largest and most successful network of independent travel advisors and agencies in Canada!

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This business is about passion and living a good life through working with purpose.

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Contact us today to find out why we are the best at what we do!

Confidential inquiries: call 1-866-627-2122, fill in the form below, or e-mail

The largest and most knowledgeable head office support team in Canada – solely devoted to your success! (And having fun doing it!)

TPI Head Office Team

Higher Commission Splits

Support and on-going Training are the most important differences with TPI however we also have premium level commission splits for you!

Commission splits up to 93% on EVERYTHING you sell. Not just preferred suppliers. Ask us for details.

Independence and Flexibility

You can set your own hours – full-time or part-time – while maintaining independence over your finances, your clients and your career. TPI offers independent or home-based travel agent business initiatives that are simple to operate and inexpensive to start up – just let our back office do the work for you.

Growth Through Dedicated Support

Your success is our business. We don’t have corporate storefronts filled with employees selling travel as our priority. You are our only priority!

For this reason, we invest extensive time and financial resources to ensure you have all the tools to grow a profitable and rewarding business.

This commitment is reflected in our in-depth offering of support services, including:

  • Travel reservation support and advisory services
  • Marketing and sales services
  • Leading technology services
  • Document distribution services
  • Online reservation systems
  • Accounting and administration services
  • Exclusive membership services
  • Industry training and business development services
  • 24/7 emergency ticketing service
  • Errors and omissions liability insurance
  • Velocity – our exclusive sales incentive and recognition program

Rewarding Incentives

Our industry-leading Velocity Program is the rewards and recognition program exclusively available to TPI travel agents. It’s simple  to participate in: all you have to do is attend events, make commission, or receive industry designations, and you receive points that go toward great rewards – including exclusive trips, reward dollars for personal travel, reduced monthly fees and, complimentary admission to conferences and events.

Other TPI Opportunities

  • The Affiliate One Program is for those without front line travel agent sales experience but with significant experience in the Canadian Travel Industry.
  • Storefront Owners can also benefit from TPI services.
  • Rent a Desk through TPI, rather than paying too much through a storefront agency
  • If you have some other unique situation please contact us as well!

The TPI Advantage

Why TPI over others? TPI is 100% Canadian-owned and operated. TPI does not sell directly to consumers. We are solely focused on helping your business succeed!

With TPI, a career as an independent based travel agent is both exciting and profitable. Our network of over 500+ travel agents is backed by our travel, technology, training and marketing specialists in our head office and regional offices – making sure you have the support you need to achieve success.

Our turn-key accessibility, respected industry connections, personalized services and tools, and dedicated support are the reasons why TPI stands out as the best independent travel agent organization in the country.


  • “After 16 years in retail travel with three major agencies as well as TPI, I can honestly say TPI is the best to work for: they are welcoming, fair and supportive. With the amazing flexibility I have (I never have to worry about taking “time off” for a doctor’s appointment or an event at my daughter’s school) and the excellent income I’m making (double what I was making in a retail office), I would never go back!”

    Jen, Ontario

  • “Being new to TPI, the communication with the Business Development team has been wonderful. They have answered many of my questions and made this journey a smooth one…We appreciate their efforts to assist us in every way.” 

    Scott, Saskatchewan

  • “Being with TPI has exceeded all my expectations. After working for a well-known storefront and then another Canadian Homebased agency, I was pleasantly surprised at the operations of TPI. Adivsors are treated with respect and appreciation. I have found a true partnership with a professional company in TPI.”

    Janice, Ontario

  • “Working with TPI was been like a breath of fresh air. The back office support we have is amazing. We are never left hanging. We are always kept in the loop as to what is happening in the industry. TPI is always connecting us with suppliers to train and educate us. TPI offers wonderful rewards for our sales through the Velocity program – I just came back from Bali!”

    Debbie, Saskatchewan

  • “I worked for 15 years in a Carlson Wagonlit Travel office as office Manager and Luxury motorcoach tours prepared, coordinated and escorted by Maureen. My experience so far with TPI has been excellent. Great support team and a fabulous feeling working from home! ”

    Maureen, Ontario

  • ” I worked for Sears Travel 21 years. I have never looked back. I can’t believe it is 4 months already. I don’t know where the time has gone. I’m not a millionaire yet but soon hope to be. (lol). My experience so far with TPI has been very positive, Rhonda has been terrific. All head office people are very pleasant and easy to deal with. I look forward to another 20 years of travel work.

    Debbie, Ontario

  • Sharla, formerly of Red

    “Since joining in June of this year, I have already discovered how refreshing it is, as an experienced agent to be able to run my business as I want to, all while having the support I need to have continued success.”

    Sharla , British Columbia

  • Aileen, formerly from YYZ Travel Group

    “Making the transition to TPI has been great. It was truly what I needed to feel alive again. Head office staff has been wonderful and full of knowledge whenever I call in. Meeting other agents at our monthly meetings is great for networking, but hearing from our suppliers keeps us in tune with what is going on. So glad I made the move.”

    Aileen, Ontario

  • “I enjoyed my time working full-time at both American Express and Carlson Wagonlit Travel store-front agencies in the past, but a new chapter in my life has begun due to family obligations. Since joining TPI, it has given me the flexibility with my schedule by allowing me to continue to do what I love on a part-time basis and that is, to help my clients with their travel plans. As well, the help offered at the TPI Head Office Support Desk has been exceptional.”

    Carlena, Ontario

  • “Joining TPI was the best move I could have made, not only do I work for a company who’s reputation is highly regarded in the industry, and a name I trust. TPI understands the full dynamics of Home Based Agents and it is this support, that allows me to focus on the growth of my individual business and I might add with much success.”

    Laurie, Ontario

  • “NO ONE in the industry offers the support that TPI does. They all claim to but no one compares.”

    “You don’t get that anywhere else”

    Heather, Ontario

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