With the world just keystrokes away, why would you use a travel consultant?

Well, that’s an easy answer — the world of travel is more complicated now than ever!
Do you really have that much time on your hands to search for your vacation?

That’s where I come in — I take the work and stress off your hands!

Your life is busy, and when it’s time to take a vacation, don’t you think you deserve to have the perfect vacation? I have access to all the suppliers you find online (as well as some you don’t know about) to find the right vacation for you. The best part … you’re dealing with a professional who cares about you having an amazing experience! I’m with you before, during and after your vacation. I’m invested in your happiness, which can’t be said for the websites out there.

I can offer you different types of experiences — I’ll help you find which one is right for you!


Custom-designed itineraries

A custom itinerary is designed to meet your travel wants, needs and budget.

I understand that you want something unique, all yours, from start to finish.

I will work with our suppliers to check off all those boxes on your list.




There are hundreds of cruise ships out there and even more than that in itineraries. Let me help you find which cruise is right for you. There are cruise ships for families with young children, a family reunion with multi-generation families, and cruises for couples looking for a wide array of activities.


All-inclusive resorts

Did you know that some resorts say “Adults-only” but they’re not! Some resorts have adults-only sections, but the facilities are joint. So many things to consider: Are you looking for romance, relaxation, adventure? Is a kids club and babysitting needed? What about entertainment — do you want a quiet resort or the excitement of nightlife? … So many factors to consider. I can help you filter what resorts will fit your agenda.


Want to see all the hot-spots of a certain destination? Then a tour is what you’re looking for! There are so many different tours to fit every budget. These tours include flights, hotels, transportation from start to finish, excursions, as well as some meals. You will also have an English-speaking tour guide to assist your group! So many destinations — let’s find one for you!




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