Question:  Why should I use a travel agent? 


Answer: Your most valuable asset is your free time, and once its lost, there is no making it back. We are here to work for you  and only suggest what you need or may want. We are here to assist you in booking your dream holiday and will go to great lengths to ensure your trip is as memorable as can be. Nothing is more satisfying than  a happy client who has only good things to say about their trip and their booking experience.

Question: How will I receive my confirmation and travel documents?

Answer: Your itinerary confirmation will be emailed to you after your have booked.

If you are travelling with a chartered airline your E Tickets will be emailed to you 2 weeks prior to your departure or as soon as they become available from the supplier.

All International flight E Tickets will be sent to you within 72hrs of authorization of your payment.

Question: How should my name be written on an airline ticket?

Answer: You must use your official legal name EXACTLY as seen on your passport. Your photo identification must match the name on your ticket.

QuestionCan I change and/or cancel my trip?

Answer: Yes. Flight changes and/or cancellations are subject to certain fees and conditions per individual airline and supplier. Full details, will be provide at time of booking.

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance to provide you with security and protection for your holiday investment. Please us  for details.

Special Needs & Requests

Question: I require extra care and assistance while travelling. How can I arrange for my needs to be met?

Answer: Clients who require special services or assistance while travelling are asked to let us know at the time of booking.

It is important to us that you are well assisted with proper travel arrangements, we request that you advise us of any and all specific needs that you may have.


Booking Your Trip

How to Book – Regular, Groups & Cruises

QuestionHow do I make a booking?


Answer: You can book your  vacation by contacting us via email or phone consultation. We will review with you your vacation goals and expectations to find the best fit, best value and guide you every step of the process.


QuestionHow do I book a group vacation?


Answer: We have special offers for groups of 10 or more adults.

QuestionWhat documents do I need to travel internationally or to  cruise?


Answer: You’ll need to provide the passport number of all parties in your group in order to make a  booking. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct documentation to travel to and from the countries you’ll be visiting.

QuestionWhich credit cards do you accept for payment?


Answer: We accept the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

Question: Can I select my seats after I book?



Answer: You may select your seats at time of booking by letting us know your seating preferences (fees may apply on certain itineraries) or by checking in online  just before traveling on most airlines website.

Simply use your reservation code listed on your tickets.

QuestionHow do I pre-book a seat nearest the emergency exit?


Answer: Airlines will accept able-bodied persons including children 12 years of age and older for seating in the emergency exit rows, provided they meet the required criteria.

QuestionWhen will my tickets be ready?


Answer: We will send you your tickets once a booking is paid in full, and usually within 30 days prior to departure.

Electronic Documents can also be accessed under the suppliers website or official airline website.

Special Requests At The Time Of Booking

QuestionHow can I reserve a specific room type and/or location at my hotel?


Answer: Hotel requests such as room location and bed type preferences etc. must be made at the time of booking.

We  will  ensure that all special requests have been passed along  to the airline, cruise or hotel suppliers.

Please Note: Every effort is made to meet your special requests; however, many are subject to availability and they cannot be guaranteed.

Vouchers & Gift Certificates

Question: Can I purchase TPI gift certificates? And how can I redeem them?


Answer: Yes, TPI gift certificates are available for purchase, certificates may be redeemed through us towards payment of your vacation purchase.

Please contact Romy at to purchase a TPI gift certificate.

Travel Insurance

QuestionDo you offer travel insurance?



Answer: Yes, we do offer  cancellation, medical travel insurance, baggage loss, flight and travel accident insurance.  Quoted at time of booking based on your specific insurance requirements.

We strongly recommends that you purchase travel insurance to provide you with security and protection for your holiday. You may want to verify with your credit card or your employer to confirm what coverage you may have before purchasing.

Pre-Purchasing Excursions

QuestionWhy should I pre-book excursions?


Answer: By pre-booking your excursion, you will secure availability of  the tours and excursions that you want and receive the best selection of tours. Plus you can purchase your excursion in Canadian dollars.

We highly recommend pre-booking excursions, especially during peak travel periods ie: around all statutory holidays and spring school breaks.

QuestionHow do I pre-purchase an excursion?


Answer: You can pre-purchase an excursion at time of booking.

General Inquiries

QuestionBefore I choose a destination, how can I find out if my passport is valid to enter that country?


Answer: Please check the website of the government for the destination you are traveling to for passport requirements or call the consulate of the country you are visiting or go to  for destination information on all countries.

QuestionDo children pay a reduced price?



Answer: Pricing for children varies from hotel to hotel and package to package.

Question: How are taxes calculated?


Answer: Taxes are comprised of airport, government and local destination fees and charges plus surcharges IE: fuel and/or currency (if applicable).

QuestionWhat personal items am I allowed to bring on board a  flight?


Answer: Most airlines encourage to bring with you onboard personal items of value such as medication, documents, jewelry, cameras, laptops, etc. as part of their carry-on allowance

Question: Who do I contact in order to make post-travel inquiries and/or complaint?


Answer: For post-travel inquiries and/or complaints, please contact us via email, we will respond to you as soon as possible and will advocate for you with suppliers or airlines to resolve your complaint.

We kindly request your patience as it  may take a little time  to  review the circumstance with a third party supplier (ie: hotel or airline).


QuestionIf I find a better price elsewhere, will you match it?


Answer: We will do our best to price match an itinerary you may find online or elsewhere.


If you have a question that was not covered on our FAQ please feel free to email us .



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