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TRUTH ABOUT TRAVEL  is what we take pride in delivering, with absolute clarity the end goal. Well, as a newly registered Travel Agency Affiliate of Travel Professionals International in Ontario, TICO regulation prohibits certain distribution and use of our legal name at this time (The Astute Traveller Inc.), Therefore in absolute compliance, I would like to welcome you to our website and officially introduce our new Travel Agency as; Rick Apostolopoulos an Affiliate of Travel Professionals International. Not sure why my 25 years of unblemished history as president of Travel Lovers (Unionville) wouldn’t buy me some TICO love, but apparently it does not. Although my current Business Cards would tell you otherwise (another silly Tico regulation I must follow right now, misleading clients), you’re always welcome to stop by our true office location at 2765 Bur Oak in Markham, during regular business hours. For those of you who indeed consider yourselves Astute Travellers, please read on, there’s tons of trustworthy information below that will provide you some clarity and assistance, the next time you’re looking to travel (unlike some others we know)…. have a question, just give us a call.

BOOKING ENGINE  gives an in-depth look at live availability and rates for you do-it-yourselfers, out there. Know what you’re looking for; have a simple trip planned, need a hotel for a couple of nights, a rental car, basically not looking for advise just the best available rates anywhere…. well, here’s a great option for you. Most of the product listed comes to you at the cheapest available rates online. Yes, I just said that, The Cheapest Available Rates Online. Where we have to add a couple of bucks we do, but the ability to have a trustworthy source on the other end of a phone call prior to or during your trip, gives you huge value for that couple of bucks. All activity from our Booking Engine comes directly to my email, so if you have any questions regarding or during the entire process, feel free to call me. Online booking should never be intimidating or difficult, we’re here to support our Booking Engine and provide clarity when the need arises. I ask that you give it a try and welcome any feedback regarding the process.

LEISURE TRAVEL is indeed a privilege, dollars are seemingly tight for almost everyone, words like value and price, matter more than ever. The prudent thing to do is ask a pro, certainly someone who may know a little more about your destination than you do. With a long history of putting smiles on vacationer’s faces, our trustworthy recommendations are what truly sets us apart. If we haven’t been there (and we’re very well travelled) then chances are we’ve sent someone before you. Personal experience and client feedback are what we like to pass along. We have the best available travel agent systems and resources at our fingertips, knowledge of where to go find the best pricing for our clients and promise to remain pleasant, professional and informative at all times. TICO regulations prohibit discounting on Vacation Packages which makes the prices identical, regardless of where you choose to book (atta’ baby Tico – would love to sing your praises some more). We provide Expert advice on what we know best, Sandals/Beaches Resorts, Karisma Boutique Hotels, small sexy Resorts, big and fun Hotels, just tell us your preference, we’ll help get you there. How about a remote little town in Europe? Like to cruise, ask how we can help. Private Tours anywhere on the planet, just ask. Did you know that a Virtuoso Travel Agent can offer you reservations at the World’s Finest Hotels, not only at preferred rates, but with added amenities like free upgrades and breakfast, VIP limo transfers, Spa Credits, etc….All that help at no extra cost to you. After some drastic changes to travel agent commissions over the years, I`m thrilled to have competitive pricing back in my hip pocket again. It truly makes us the consumer`s best option when it’s time to travel.

CORPORATE TRAVEL has certainly dissipated with the advent of technology and the ability to sit face to face with your clients, from afar. Successful, forward thinking sales professionals also realize the bond created by a handshake and the constant need for updating personal growth and industry knowledge by attending shows and Trade Events. Does your company need 5-20-50-100 airline tickets a year, great hotel recommendations, corporate car rental pricing, fantastic personable service? Do you want to know what carriers offer Premium Economy sections on their new aircraft? Then we welcome your call. Our experienced agents have the knowledge and tools to help with any circumstance that may arise. We`ve sat at our desks and helped our clients deal with some very precarious circumstances over the years. Certain days I remember as extremely challenging. Reality is we may not always provide the answers you want to hear, so much of travel is truly out of our hands, but will be sure to discuss all available options to help you get exactly where you need to be without breaking the bank on your travel budget. Business people crave flexibility, travel pricing can restrict that at times, maximizing efficiency and trusted answers is what we provide. Looking for value and clarity in your Business Travel, just give us a call, we can certainly help !

GROUP/MEETINGS/INCENTIVE travel has been a specialty of ours over the years. Our impressive multi-national, corporate giant, client list and long track record of providing award winning personable service, represents our true worth in Group Travel. Planning a Destination Wedding or Family Reunion, we’ve helped dozens before you. Planning a National Sales Meeting, or looking to drive sales with Travel Incentives, just ask how we can help, we have helped many before you with record setting success. Experience, trusted recommendations, a thorough understanding of the need for ease and efficiency in group travel while providing choices for each individual attendee. We understand what you’re trying to accomplish and can guide you through the entire process effectively and efficiently. Need a private airplane charter to an exotic locale, a pair on the glass for the Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Game, NFL players at your Superbowl Party, want to play golf with a PGA Pro (any pro)? How about rent a Ferrari to cruise the P.C.H for a day? We’ve made it all happen in the past with great success. We`ve thrown some fantastic parties, in some very cool places, on some pretty tight budgets. I ask what you’re looking to accomplish with your group or incentive and personally welcome your inquiry.

If you have still have any questions, we welcome your call. Never be afraid to leave us a detailed message, it allows us to not just return your call quickly, but answer your initial question at the same time. Only makes sense to chase maximum efficiency….. wishing you all safe and pleasant travels !

Rick Apostolopoulos


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