Sunrise Festival

Each January we celebrate the return of the light at the Annual Inuvik Sunrise Festival with local foods, dance, music, and winter activities like snow carving and snowmobiling. Keeping us warm as we party on the permafrost will be a giant bonfire & incredible fireworks display on the Saturday night. Come join us January in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. 

 When: January

 Muskrat Jamboree


After a long arctic winter, the sun shines bright and people of the Mackenzie Delta come out for several days each spring to eat, play, dance and celebrate the coming change in weather and also to rekindle friendships with those whom we had lost touch over the colder months.


This four-day festival includes activities like dog racing, skidoo races, a community feast, jigging contests, log sawing, ice chiseling, drumming, dancing, & more!


When: March/April 


Muskrat Jamboree


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Annual Reindeer Crossing

Each Spring a managed herd of more than 3000 Reindeer make their way from the foothills to cross the frozen Mackenzie River Ice Road on their way to a small island in the Canadian Arctic that serves as their calving grounds.

 This year the Reindeer are scheduled to cross TBA.


Are these really Reindeer?

Are you sure these are not just wild Caribou?

 These are questions our local Reindeer herder Henrik Seva hears all the time. Reindeer & Caribou are of the same species, however Reindeer are semi-domesticated and are herded much like cattle in the prairies.

 While Santa may use 8 of these beautiful creatures for one night a year, Henrik has the job of managing over 3000 of these animals across the Arctic tundra and through the seasonal migrations all year round.

  Additional Information

Henrik Seva lives out on the Canadian tundra 200 km North of the Arctic Circle where he looks after Canada’s only free-range herd of Reindeer.

 While the herd is owned by a private company Canadian Reindeer, Henrik Seva moved to the Mackenzie Delta from his native Sweden to practice reindeer herding in his traditional Sami style of which is family has been part of for hundreds of years.

 More Information on the film Tundra Cowboy 

 This date coincides with the Annual Muskrat Jamboree in Inuvik, NWT, Canada in March.

 Come join us for this amazing spring festival and have an opportunity to witness the amazing sight of thousands of Reindeer as they gather, grunt and run before your very eyes. 2015 marked the 80th Anniversary of Reindeer Husbandry in Canada

 When:First Week of April 

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