I have worked with Naomi Rogers at Caledon Travel – TPI for many years and am pleased to recommend her.

My wife and I decided to work with a travel agent for many reasons – saves time, expert knowledge, access to special travel resources, access to deals, and instant help when things go wrong on the road.

Naomi has planned many trips with me – some simple and some complex.  Recently she helped us with a five-week trip to England and Scotland.  She organized the complicated itinerary – air, car rentals, trains, hotels, and weekly cottage rentals.  Naomi listens well, so when I describe what we are looking for she does the research and comes up with several options from which we can choose.  That particular trip had us booked in two of our most memorable hotel stays ever.

Knowing our tastes, Naomi will also make unprompted suggestions of places we may enjoy to stimulate our thinking.

I’ve learned that I can rely on Naomi and am looking forward to continuing to work with her.

Adrian H


Naomi has planned many adventures for our family and friends, each one being an experience that will be treasured and remembered forever! The trips have been everything from very detailed three weeks plus (South America, Africa, Australia, The Baltic) to a week in the Caribbean. Every detail has been planned to perfection and every trip has gone so smoothly that there has never been a thing to worry about! We realized towards the end of one of our journeys that we had too much luggage to fit into the vehicle that was scheduled to meet us at our next destination and with one quick email to Naomi, the problem was resolved…..no issue! No frantic phone calls or searching around on our end and no panic at the destination! So wonderful to know that even if you are half way around the world, Naomi is only a call, text or email away IF there should ever be an issue.
Highly recommend Naomi……you will not be disappointed!

Lesley S


I have booked my vacations with Naomi for years. Whether I’m planning a family vacation, girl’s getaway, hiking and exploring nature with friends, a mother and daughter time, or a “solo” health and spa retreat, Naomi has taken care of all my needs.

I love that Naomi is personable and that she shares her stories, adventures and experiences with me. I especially appreciate the travel tips!!

My last trip before COVID, I was a little apprehensive on how to get around Europe.  (I haven’t taken the public transit in over 35yrs).

Naomi orchestrated a secure and safe travel plan. I travelled by plane, train, bus, cab and by boat. No matter where my destination, Naomi met my needs. In addition, a stay in a castle overlooking the Irish Sea. Whenever, I practice being mindful I picture the magnificent view of Dalkey. Naomi thank you for always listening, I value your expertise on travelling and the discovery of the beauty of the world.

Whether I want a hut on a secluded beach, a last-minute flight to a health retreat, a cooking class in Italy, I know with confidence you will take care of my needs. Whether I travel by elephant in Thailand, or a camel in Moracco, to a cab driver that will take the backroads during rush hour you will manifest stress-free travel which brings me peace of mind.

Thank you for being an outstanding travel advisor!

work safe travel repeat….

Tammy M


We were so happy with our family reunion trip to Scotland.  We were a multi generational group of 24.  Naomi found us the perfect castle in Scotland and organized every detail from transportation to sight seeing and golf. We will definitely work with her again and highly recommend Naomi.

Melody K


Naomi organized our 50th wedding anniversary cruise and everything was perfect.  It was our first cruise but Naomi guided us through the process and helped us choose the perfect cruise for our family.  Thank you Naomi for beautiful memories.

Doris S


There was a big group of us travelling to a resort. After booking, the price of the resort had dropped substantially. Naomi contacted the airline with which the package was purchased through to ask what they could do for her clients. Naomi managed to have everyone in the group have their rooms upgraded to beachfront. We would not have been able to do this had we booked on our own. Thank you, Naomi. You always come through for us.

Kim S










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