Advice + Guidance + Care = Peace of Mind 

This is what you will receive when I am part of your trip planning.

Whether it is a family vacation within Canada, a break from the winter to the South or an adventure further abroad.

The best travel experiences uniquely reflect you – your personality, preferences and style. It’s a matter of personal taste.  It’s personal for me too – every client, every detail, every time.  Because it’s not about booking a trip – it’s about planning the extraordinary.

Contact me to begin your journey at nrogers@tpi.ca

Working with a Virtuoso Travel Specialist you will receive:

1.  Personalized Planning

2.  Global Expertise & Connections

3.  Value for the Money

4.  VIP Treatment

5.  Peace of Mind.


  • Australia and South Pacific
  • Travel Within Canada
  • Private Guided Journeys
  • Honeymoon and Milestone Event Planning
  • Private Villas, Yacht & Jet Charters

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