People travel for many reasons – to relax, recharge, have fun. But most vacationers today are looking for something more. Rather than just visiting a location so you can hop onboard a tourist bus and pause for the staged photo op, vacationers want authentic experiences where they can explore native cultures and interact with locals. Vacationers today want to be travellers, not simply tourists.

Transformational travel takes this experience to a different level. It is travel designed to change your life in a meaningful way, so that the travel experience stays with you long after you return home. Transformational travel encourages a “change in self”. By exploring the culture of a location – its history, arts, religion, and people –  in an authentic way, the traveller can return home with a new appreciation and global perspective. Creating time to reconnect with nature – and disconnect from your cell phones – allows for self-reflection and relaxation. Embracing a new skill, a physical challenge, or an opportunity to give back to the local community encourages lifelong learning.

With this in mind, I am excited to announce her partnership with Dr. Marivi Lacuesta of the Mavie Wellness Center. For more than 17 years, Dr. Marivi Lacuesta (Doctor of Chiropractic) has helped to educate and improve the wellness and well-being for countless clients, both in Canada and around the world. She believes in a ‘wholistic’ integrated approach to well-being, including Holistic nutrition, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, and Stress & Wellness Consultations. Marivi specializes in building an awareness around your wellness and well-being that empowers you to realize the natural innate healing abilities of the ‘whole’ body, mind, and spirit.

Our first two small group tours “Treasures of Thailand”  and “Peace in Portugal” both sold out. Don’t miss your chance next time…..Stay tuned to learn about our next adventure in Peru!

Too often we go on vacation, have a great time, return home and within 48 hours feel like the vacation never even happened. With transformational travel, the inner journey continues long after the physical journey ends. Travel has the power to change your life – to shift perspectives, encourage imagination, develop understanding and inspire empathy – and have tons of fun along the way!

I specialize in creating and offering these experiences for my clients. These are customized itineraries that you won’t find anywhere else. Over the years I have created many memorable moments including:

  • A private water blessing and conversation with a monk in Chiang Mai
  • A visit to a local’s home in Bali
  • A meditation with a shaman in Macchu Pichu, Peru
  • A yoga retreat in Italy
  • A visit to a village of the Karen Tribe People in Thailand
  • A visit to a local school in China
  • Many unique dining experiences and gallery visits with local artists
  • Local lessons in everything from throwing a boomerang in Australia to making croissants in Paris


Transformational travel can look different for everyone, but it can be a special part of anyone’s vacation.


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