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I have been a proud member of the TPI family since 2011. I invite you to come explore the world. I have traveled extensively and have explored more than half of the planet in a variety of ways; by backpacking, by train, by cruise ship, hiking, by motor coach, and luxury hotel-ling… and I am here to help you discover your planetary adventure.


  • Australia / New Zealand Specialist
  • Cruise Specialist
  • Europe Specialist
  • Tour Specialist

My Top 2 Trips

New Zealand

New Zealand

July 2013

Took a group to Hawaii, Australia and new Zealand, here I am being greeted as a leader by The Mauri Leader who is teaching us the proper etiquette.

Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

November 2015

TPI annual conference 2015 was in Cuba, this our visit to the capital city. Amazing place.

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