Ian & Terry Coles are TPI Worldwide Travel Consultants specializing in bringing cruise ships and all-inclusive resorts to couples and families. Despite boyhood dreams of faraway places, business partners and brothers Ian and Terry Coles did not originally set out to be travel consultants. But, in the end, the long and winding road turned out to be the right road.

For a young Ian, visits to the airport gave him the chance to watch the luggage trolley – which he longed to drive. His brother, Terry, would make his way to the roof, where he would watch the airplanes take off and land. With 5 other brothers and an average family income, Ian and Terry did not have much opportunity to travel, but it did not matter to them, they loved the airport. They loved the possibilities it offered.

As they grew, both Ian and Terry got involved in other things. They spent many family vacations camping and hiking. In school, they both leaned toward business. Ian eventually became a computer programmer, while Terry focused on retail marketing management. And, while they did not place any particular importance on it, they always lingered a little longer than required when they found themselves in the airport for one reason or another.

In the meantime, their own families grew. They both got married and had children. As life settled into a pattern for Ian and Terry, they realized the joy in life was happening at home with family, but not during working hours. It was time for a change.

That is when they discovered Travel Professionals International. Suddenly, the sights and sounds of the airport flooded their memories: the luggage trolley snaking through the bustling terminal, the roar overhead as jets geared up or down….they remembered the excitement. The possibilites.

The brothers decided to become business partners in this new venture. But to become the Travel Consultants they wanted to be, there was much to learn. Riding the learning curve did not prove to be a chore. Their travel courses and research included such thigs as attending a “Cruise University”, entering a massive bat cave from a sightseeing dingy, hiking through the back roads of a Caribbean Island and snorkelling the clear and colourful warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico off the deck of a catamaran. “Work” was now exploring the features of Cruise chips and All-inclusive vacation packages.

Exploring the possibilites they always knew existed was amazing. They both knew what it was to juggle a family life and a hectic work schedule and they wanted to help others make the most of their precious holiday time. Now back on the wondrous path they started as children, Ian and Terry have awakened to a world of possibilities. And they want to share it with you…


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