Heidi Hurst – Founder and Travel Consultant

I literally looked into becoming a travel agent after being sidelined from my own wanderings with a leg injury. It wasn’t clear if or how I would travel in the future and if it needed to be vicariously, then so be it. At the time I had lived in Asia for years, worked onboard cruise ships and my country count was around 60. I thought I could definitely help people streamline their travel or go off on an epic adventure and just be that support for lost boarding passes, packing advise and directions to those local hidden gems.

However, people took quite quickly to having a person “who always answers the phone” or who said “hey Todd, how’s the beach?  Do we need to change your return flight?”. Heidiway Travel, was born out of doing it my way; service, understanding, and honest advice. Not everyone travels the way I do, but nobody should feel like they are nothing more than their next confirmation number.   That’s why Heidiway became a referral-based, no fee agency. In every travel product, from bus tickets to yerts in Mongolia, there is a built-in fee for a travel agent. Here’s my first peice of honest advice: if you have the choice; choose wisely.

Personally, when I travel now it is with my partner David. We like to scuba dive, hike, and get away from it all. He likes the beach and not unpacking a lot. Whereas I haven’t broken my backpacking habits aside from my preference for business class flights. I’ll always look for a well made G&T, some way to “do good”, and food that will probably make me sick but be worth it!

My favourite places:

  • Antarctica
  • Vietnam
  • Finland
  • Bonaire
  • Belize

Ashley Rees – Travel Consultant

I came into the travel industry through Heidi. I have always been interested in travel, and the countless places there are to see around the world! Heidi brought me into HeidiWay Travel almost three years ago, to help her with her growing business and keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. As her business grew, she asked me to join her as a full agent, in order to further support her, as well as take on clients of my own. It has been an incredibly rewarding journey and one that I am eager to continue.

There is a great deal of peace-of-mind for our clients, knowing we have their backs. If there are any complications while travelling, the only phone call you need to make is to us. We handle the rest. Heidi and I believe that your travel plans should cater to the individual interests of our clients and we work to make sure your experience fits with your needs and desires.

My Favourite Places:

  • Iceland
  • London
  • Kauai
  • Disneyland
  • San Francisco

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