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After 20 years in the high tech industry, I decided to make a change. A friend said to me, “Emma why don’t you do what you love?” When I stopped to give it some thought, I realized there were two things that I enjoyed doing. Working with people and travelling.

For me, the joy starts at the planning stages of a vacation. Whether it was a family vacation, or a bucket list trip, the level of detail I put into the research allows me to offer my clients their dream holiday.

Planning a vacation can involve a lot of work. For people that want to have a truly unique holiday but don’t have the time to do the research and find the best deal, I want to help them. My objective is to work towards becoming my clients travel partner for years to come.

I love what I do and can’t wait for the next opportunity to make people smile.


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My Top 3 Trips

Yukon, Canada

Yukon, Canada


When I think of the Yukon, I think of clean, clear air. A landscape of an unimaginable scale and rugged natural beauty. If you enjoy the outdoors and breathtaking scenery, it is a destination you need to put on your bucket list. The purity of the air and the vastness of the landscape really can't be described. It needs to be experienced.


  • This is the destination for people who enjoy hiking, canoeing, fishing and horseback riding in some of Canada's most pristine wilderness.




When I think of Croatia, I immediately think about how beautiful the water is. Croatia is an incredible country to be experienced both by land and sea. From the rugged mountains to its beautiful lslands and unspoiled coastline, it is a country that needs to be explored.


  • For those who are looking for a cycling holiday or boating vacation, Croatia is a country to seriously consider.

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy


How can I pick one picture to represent Tuscany? When I think of Tuscany, I think of rolling hills, historic hilltop towns with cobblestone streets, vineyards strewn about the landscape, fabulous food and of course, wine. Experiencing Tuscany with my family was truly one of my favorite holidays.


  • If you are thinking of travelling to Italy, why not also consider visiting another country while you are overseas? Why not add France to your itenerary? A short ferry ride can bring you to Corsica!


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