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Derek's Travel Chat - Season 2, Episode 2 -June 17th, 2021

John Diorio Associate Vice President - North American Sales John is part of a passionate and dedicated crew at Virgin Voyages that is laser-focused on being Brilliant To Do Business With for all of our First Mates (Travel Advisors) around the world. With over 30 years of experience in sales, leadership, and industry relations, John leads sales in North America for Virgin Voyages. Prior to joining Virgin Voyages over two years ago, John was part of the sales leadership team at The Mark Travel Corporation and has held various senior leadership roles at Expedia Group in addition to providing strategic consulting to various travel companies.

Derek's Travel Chat Season 2 Episode 3 Sandra Ngoh-Fonseka -Rescheduled to June 24th, 2021

Sandra Ngoh-Fonseka, Marketing Officer at Tourism Malaysia Canada has been for over 20 years, passionately inspiring Canadians on the many reasons why Malaysia makes for an amazing travel destination.

When you book with Derek at E and B Travel Service you can expect to receive the services of a professional travel agent who will put your needs first and foremost. When you first call Derek, he will listen to your needs and may also ask some other questions to make sure he can find the right product and vacation for you and your family.

Because finding the right vacation will take some research and time please be advised we do charge a booking fee. This fee will depend on the type of vacation you are in search of and the number of people travelling. For example, the fee for a single-family vacation will be different than a destination wedding request. As well if you have done your own research and know what you want then fees will be adjusted to reflect the required time to do the booking.

All fees are prepaid and are non-refundableYou have saved for this vacation and you want to know you are getting the best advice before making your decision. All quotes will include the cost of each component along with travel insurance. 

In addition, all quotes will include all fees for cancellations or changes requested after the booking is confirmed.


How To Book (When you’re ready)

Option 1:

Make an appointment to meet with an E and B Travel representative either at the office or in the comfort of your own home. On your first visit, we will get to know you and your family and the type of vacation you are looking to book. We will then provide you with as many options as you need to make the right choice for you. While we can make recommendations based on the many reviews and our own personal experience we will make sure the final choice is yours. We will work with you on the budget and ensure you receive not only a great vacation but also work hard so you will receive the best value.

Option 2:

Our online booking program. This program is very similar to other online programs and will give you all the same pricing options that are in the marketplace.  When booking with our online program is that you will still get the one on one personal service to go along with your booking. You will receive a personal call form an E and B Travel representative within 24 hours of your booking. The reason behind the call is twofold. 1. We want to thank you for your business and how important it is that you chose E and B Travel to be your travel supplier. 2. from time to time, errors occur during the booking process, Ie a name may get typed incorrectly or the wrong date for the travel. We at E and B Travel want to make sure there are no surprises later that will cause you any concern for your vacation or business travel.

In order to book using the E and B Travel online program, you will need to receive a password. To receive the password fill in the form below and we will send you an email right away.

Travel Management Fee:

We love to travel as much as you. However, it does take time to gather all the details so we can ensure you have the vacation to remember. So to make this happen we value our time as much we value yours.  When you call for information please note that there will be a basic Travel Management Fee required to do the research prior to doing any booking. The fee will vary depending on the complexity of the booking and the number of people travelling. Once the booking is complete the fee will also cover regular updates from the service provider on your file. if however your circumstance change and you have to cancel or adjust your booking cancellation and change fee may apply.


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