We Joined the Carnival Freedom cruise organised by Dorothy from here in the UK. We would like to thank Dorothy for her excellent organisation from hotel bookings to cruise bookings etc. We found her to be exceptionally helpful, informative and she supplied all the info we needed for a straight forward and stress free journey from here in the UK to join her party from Moncton Canada. We would certainly highly reccommend her service to anyone seeking a stress free holiday.
– Annette & Colin Blann, Southampton England

We can’t seem to thank you enough for all your help Dot! This was our best vacation ever mostly because we didn’t have to think of anything. You really went above and beyond: from dropping of our plans off to me at work, to the best “first time flyer” advice ever (I’m sure West Jet would thank you too cause I would have been a mess). We aren’t sure how you managed to book our flight and find the perfect hotel on such short notice but we are so glad you did. The hotel was beautiful and within minutes of everything we wanted to see. Your passion for what you do created a top notch experience for us and we really appreciate everything you did for us. Thanks so much Dot! We won’t travel without you ever again!
– Andie LeBlanc and Eddy Aresenault

Hey Dorothy! I just wanted to thank you for all the time that you put into setting up our trip. I had an amazing time and many great stories have come back with me. I also want to thank you for the card you sent. I had no idea who it was from at first, but the fact that you put the effort into it does not go unnoticed. If I ever need a travel agent, I will come to you for help. Everything went very smooth. Anyway thanks for you help and have a great night!
– Charity Kent – Mt Pleasant NB

Dear Dot – We would like to thank you so very much for all your assistance on our booking for Vegas–your follow up calls to the room were most appreciated and impressive. It seems too good to be true that we can just contact you online and have all the details taken care of. We will definately contact you again when we are thinking of heading somewhere. Thanks
– Barb and Dave Ferguson, Cowichan Bay BC

WOW! is what we have to say about the help we received from our travel agent, Dorothy. We were one of the unlucky ones that booked with Jetsgo just prior to them closing their doors. Even though it was not her problem, she helped us through the whole process and got us on another plane to my nieces wedding. We were lost on what to do, but the help we received has confirmed that the only way to travel, is with the professional help of our travel agent. Thanks Dorothy, you helped us have a great trip.
– The Evans Family, Moncton NB

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