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We have the travel bug and it shows.  We love to explore and crave opportunities to “Roam The Globe”…!


We live in exciting times, don’t we?  Foreign lands are well within reach like never before.   While travelling has become so accessible for many people, there is such an abundance of information available out there, that at times it can feel overwhelming.  Don’t panic!! We have the answers.  We at Roam the Globe Travel Company have access to a wealth of information and contacts, giving us the ability to create a truly memorable trip of a lifetime.  We aim to leave you with stories of the wonderful places you have seen, the memorable people you have met, the exquisite food that you have tasted and the wonderful conversations you have shared.


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  • Accredited Cruise Counsellor ACC
  • Master Cruise Counsellor MCC
  • Certified Travel Councellor CTC


Meet our team…


Cheers, I am Dorothy Beaton. Prior to joining the TPI team over 15 years ago, I was a member of the Canadian military in the administration branch. I organized military related travel for 16 years with postings including Ottawa, Victoria and Calgary and several duties elsewhere.  While posted in Victoria onboard one of our navy vessels, I sailed to many different areas of the world which expanded my attraction to travelling by leaps and bounds. Following an injury and subsequent release from the military, I knew just what I wanted to do…and today I have the great pleasure of doing just that full time!  I travel as often as I can (not always as often as I’d like!) – not merely for personal pleasure, but to increase my databank of knowledge for our clients.  While only one of the many travel options that we offer to our clients, cruising is my personal favorite. It allows me to see several parts of the world in one trip away from the office. I constantly update my knowledge base further by participating in various courses and attending conferences and product launches throughout Canada and the United States. I’ve obtained my Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC) certification with the Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors/Association of Canadian Travel Agencies and hold several major cruise line certifications – most notably my Accredited Cruise Counsellor (ACC) and Master Cruise Counsellor (MCC) certifications from the Cruise Line International Association and am now enroute to obtain my Elite Cruise Counsellor (ECC) certification as well.  My mission in the travel world: learn all I can learn, see all I can see and use all that information gathered to give my clients their trip of a lifetime…!


Hi, I am Shaun MacLean.  While perhaps a little newer in the travel industry, I am exceptionally passionate about travel and possess a wealth of firsthand knowledge, having personally travelled to many popular vacation destinations around the globe.  My love for travel began at the young age of seven, when I accompanied my parents on an amazing vacation to Barbados. I have childhood memories of meeting a kind old lady who sold the most delicious coconut fudge candy on the beach. Not to mention seeing tropical palm trees and coconuts for the first time in my life.  In the many years that followed, I have been fortunate to have “roamed the globe” to various parts of the world, including USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, and several Caribbean destinations including Jamaica, Cuba, and Mexico to name but a few.  And I have every intention of adding to the list!  I come to the travel industry with over 14 years experience in the IT field (valuable in our high-tech world) with the Federal Government, following over 7 years in the electronics retail industry, both front line and in human resources at the corporate head office level. On the personal side, I have a wide variety of interests which fill my spare time. I have a love of music (studied Jazz saxophone in university), dancing and motorcycles. I consider myself very lucky to now have the amazing opportunity of help make peoples travel dreams come true alongside one of the most fantastic, well respected business woman in the travel industry (I may be biased!) – the love of my life and partner in Roam the Globe Travel, Dorothy.  I have a continual thirst for knowledge, having completed specialist training with Disney, Sandals, Air Canada, in addition to many other hotel, resort and cruise line certifications.  Most recently, I attained my Certified Cruise Counsellor (CCC) and Accredited Cruise Counsellor (ACC) certifications with the Cruise Line International Association. Like Dorothy, I take all available opportunities to attend specialized training, marketing events and conferences to better provide accurate and current travel information for our valued clientele.  I love hand crafting truly unique itineraries, taking the basic elements of a destination and making it a genuinely exceptional experience for our clients.


We at Roam the Globe Travel Company look forward to discussing your travel dreams and aspirations with you. Life is short and it’s a big world out there…


So, pack your bags. It’s time for an adventure!!

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