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Take a deep breath…relax.  You feel more alive than you have in years. The sound of the ocean is relaxing as you glide over the white crests of the seas. The ocean colors and smells awaken your senses. As you look back over your shoulder you see your private butler has left canapes, refreshments and appetizers for afternoon tea, just has he has done daily, like clockwork, over the past few days. Then something gently tugs at your mind, and you breath a quiet sigh of relief, as you anticipate your future spa treatment later this afternoon. That is going to feel so wonderful. As you smile you think of the adventure that awaits you tomorrow. First time visiting the island. It has been in your dreams for more weeks than you can remember. Enticing food, shops, sites and sounds await. You wonder why it has taken so long for you to spoil yourself with this cruise. How silly, you certainly deserved it. Entering your stateroom, you look at the desk in front of you and find a notepad and pen to write a quick note before the urge fades. You write in big letters, “Call Dot and Shaun to reserve another cruise vacation.”

Cruise Memories

One of our favorite whirlpools on the Royal Caribbean Oasis class ships. So relaxing!!

Beautiful views of Cologne on the Rhine from our room on the AMA Waterways ship the AMA Prima.

Best Balcony Ever!! Haven Aft Balcony Suite NCL Escape

Best way to enjoy the Caribbean. We did not want to leave our room.

Coming into port. What exciting adventures await?

The Haven pool area.  So relaxing.


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