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Oh Deb where do I start; we really loved Venice the location that we chose was perfect, close to Piazza Roma which made it easy to find you way as everyone knows that area. I think we walked the whole area, did the Gondola ride and had lots of good food, wine and don’t get me started on the ice cream.
Now Greece, loved loved everyone of our stops would stay at each and everyone one of them. Loved that no one harassed you to buy anything found the people so lovely. Was perfect temperature in the 30’s everyday and sunny on the islands there was always a breeze. I think the time we went was perfect not overly crowded which was nice. The ship was full but many did tours we did not got our own driver in Montenegro so went to a beautiful little town the he took us to a look off point that the ship wanted over $100 pp we got for $40 for all of us. In Corfu we just walked around absolutely gorgeous had our first gyro there. Well Santorini we took the cable car to Oia walked to see the blue roofs, shopped, and we walked down the stairs loved it there so lovely. In Mykonos walked to Little Venice and seen the windmills, then Harold and I spent about 3 hours on the beach so got to dip in the Adriatic Sea ❤️. Argostoli was beautiful, walked to the walkway bridge and seen lots of turtles, did some shopping seen the boats bringing in fresh fish and selling it off of the pier. And as for Croatia we took a cab to the old town walked around the fortress was so interesting seeing that people actual live in there went to Buzo, the cliff bar very cool, went to the market bought some items. I seen some resorts there that I would love to check into for a future trip to stay.
As for Norwegian Star, a little tired, so glad we had the dinner package so much nicer then the regular places. Not complaining but the “Star” was the destinations.
Again would stay in any of the stops, enjoyed every minutes, are well, drinks were flowing and ate way to much ice cream I think I am ruined ours does not compare.
Thanks again Deb

You’re the best Debbie. Dealt with you twice now, and both times were incredible.

Karla Maillet- Wedding Group

Wedding was beautiful. Resort had everything. Loved our rooms. Loved the activities available on the resort (segways, bungy jumpy thing, water park). The kids took advantage of all of it. We especially enjoyed the seqways. If you have anybody else going, tell them that is a must. For $25 we scooted around the entire resort for almost 2 hours. Kids and adults loved it. Actually, my kids did it twice.

I found the employees soliciting the excursions less pushy and intrusive at this resort, which was nice. They were readily available, but didn’t harass or bother you. They were very accommodating as well. I had paid one of the employees $35 to go in the boat and video tape and take pictures of the kids on the banana boat (which is a common service they offer). When I went back the next day for the disk, they informed me the camera wasn’t working properly, and that the pictures weren’t of good quality so they didn’t feel it was fair to charge me. With a sincere apology, they gave me back my money, without me asking for it! That is good service!

Karla Maillet- Wedding Group

Fantastic Trip!!!

Ann Marie & Jim Mixer

Thank You so Much!!

Dalene Allen

Thank you so much for the amazing service Debbie. You went above and beyond the call of duty. From the minute I asked for info about vacations, you sent an amazing choice of destinations. We did select one and we are thrilled and highly recommend the Iberostar Bella Vista on Veradero. Plus I would recommend Debbie for all your travel needs.

Thanks, Dalene

Honeymoon Sweden & Denmark

Curtis Fiander & Lisa Jeffers

Hey Debbie,

A lovely trip altogether. Thank you very much.

You put us up in some very POSH areas in Sweden and Denmark. You mentioned that the supper was light in Stockholm. In our opinion, there wasn’t anything light about it. It was all great! Very
large spreads for breakfast and supper.

It was more cost effective to not get the Stockholm passes, FYI.

Denmark was our favorite place. In hindsight, we should have done half in Denmark, half in Sweden. The hotel was VERY nice, it was in their diplomatic district, one block from the Royal Place.

The room we originally booked was very small, they didn’t even bring us up. They upgraded us for $40.00 a night to the next size up, it was well worth it. I would recommend that hotel all the time and the next size up from our original room.

Iceland was good, you’d need a car if you were to do anything there. We needed to book a shuttle as it’s a far drive from the airport (45 mins) The hotel was standard, the breakfast was good. Iceland is very expensive but nice. Airport direct was the shuttle, it was the most cost-effective one too. It was recommended by an Icelandic girl we met on the plane.

We will be using you again for 2018. We have some ideas in Europe again. You were a great help and I think you’ll hear from us after the holidays. I think going forward, 10 tens, 2 countries at a time is good. Allways breakfast, and hopefully suppers. No more going through Toronto if at all possible

Well be in touch,

Honeymoon in Europe!!!

Amber & Kendall Richardson

Hey, Debbie!

Here’s some feedback from our trip!

Accommodations: NO complaints here! All of the hotels were centrally located, close to everything we wanted to see, and within walking distance or walking distance of public transit. The breakfasts were also great and had a great selection. Also, each location had a safe which was nice. Really, we couldn’t have chosen them better ourselves! I think our favorite was the Mykonos Beach Hotel because of the size of the room and the infinity pool!

Transportation: No issues with any of the airlines. I only had to check my carry-on once from Mykonos to Athens since it was a tiny plane. No extra cost. The times you chose to book our flights worked out great and weren’t a pain at all. All of the cities had easy transportation from the airports to the city/hotel. We were really comfortable using the subways and trains. The only place we had to cab was from the Mykonos airport to our hotel and back, which was only 15 euro each way. Super friendly cab drivers. We are glad we took the train from Paris to Nice since the views were so nice!

Overall, we’re super happy! Everything went as planned and it truly was the honeymoon we envisioned. We ATE and DRANK so much, I think we’ll be “detoxing” for a while haha.

Thank you so much for your input and guidance! We had a b-l-a-s-t!

See you soon,
Amber & Kendall

Why I choose to book my travel with a Professional Travel Agent

Danny Kamermans

Hi Debbie,

Why I choose to book my travel with a Professional Travel Agent.

Two recent events have confirmed my reasons for using a professional travel agent.

The first was for a flight for my teenage son Sam to Amsterdam via Toronto. Our agent, Debbie Ford of TPI, recommended the longer layover in Toronto on the day of the flight. This didn’t seem to me to be of any concern, it was the end of April after all, until we were approaching Halifax’s Stanfield Int’l Airport through the heavy fog. Sam’s flight was delayed several hours due to the fog, and had we (meaning me) chosen the flight with the shortest layover, he would have either had to rush to get to his flight, including international security clearance, or been forced to wait for another available flight which easily could have been a day’s delay. So, Debbie’s experience came through by allowing the extra time for Sam to easily connect to his Amsterdam flight and remove any travel delays.

The second incident, which was our doing, was while Sam was taking a short side trip to Copenhagen from Amsterdam. He had booked a room through a popular bnb service, and upon arriving late in the evening he found the accommodations to be severely misrepresented and totally unsatisfactory for even 1 night’s stay. From home, we called Debbie and were able to connect with her fellow TPI agent, Shelley Munroe. Shelly found Sam a decent place to stay nearby, and within the hour our traveller was safe and secure in a hotel – easing both his frustration and our concerns of our teenager’s wellbeing in a foreign land.

Thank you, Debbie Ford and Shelly Munroe of TPI travel for showing the real value in booking with a Professional Travel Agent.

Danny and Allura Kamermans,
Dartmouth, NS

Melia Jarduines Del Ray, Cayo Coco

Alanna Kinsman

Hey Debbie!

Great choice on the resort and staff, we were more than impressed, no bugs in the rooms whatsoever which was impressive for the kitchen buffet and other multiple food locations, you could tell they really took pride in their resort and were always friendly when serving the food, cleaning, and going about their daily job, the excursions were awesome as well, in one of them the boat broke down but the group of people we were with made the most of it and we just did karaoke which I’m sure it hurt the drivers ears. When exploring and seeing the other resorts we really took pride in your decision and we remember multiple times saying “Debbie did good”

Mind you that’s all I can say for now as I’m a little hectic going into exam week, but I will be sure to fill you in on more after! Thanks again for being our Trip Advisor, we were not disappointed!

Alanna Kinsman

CHIC Punta Cana

Marnie Hill

Thanks again for your savvy travel knowledge and arrangements!

Libby Tobias

Good Evening Deb, All I can say tonight after watching this snow come down is I want to go back to Mexico!!!! lol What an amazing time we had. Morning yoga, beach walk, snorkeling and following turtles, paddle boarding and following turtles, beautiful buffet indoors and out, amazing service. A la cartes were outstanding. Love the Mayan people!!!

Weather was awesome all week, we watched every sun rise on our balcony or on the beach. …and to top it off I received a e-mail from the guest manager the night before we left asking if we wanted a free upgrade to a penthouse suite…wow! We declined because it was in the second building that was closest to the evening entertainment I had read several times it was loud staying there.

We still received our first choice…that was next to the yoga studio so better and quiet:) Love the little town of Akumal no cars allowed and did my first ever silver jewelry barter. Bought some amazing pieces! Thanks again for your savvy travel knowledge and arrangements. Take care and see you soon Smiles Lib

Libby Tobias

Hi, Had an excellent trip!

Terry Moore

Hi, Had an excellent trip! The resort was beautiful, well maintained, excellent service. They handled the GF meals very well – we met with the concierge (Paul) who typed up a letter in Spanish for us to present at each restaurant; as well, the first meal in which we presented it, the head chef (Hector) came out from the kitchen to meet with us, went over everything, made recommendations, etc.

When we ate at the main restaurant we saw him and he made a point of coming over to see how we were and to offer to make whatever the girls wanted; one night he even showed up at our table at another restaurant (he oversaw them all) to ensure things were OK. I feel like he kept everyone on their toes and we appreciated it. We visited him on our last day to give thank you note and big tip. They had excellent evening entertainment and overall, it was a great vacation. The resort met our expectations and the weather was superb.

Thank you!

Terry Moore

Welcome Home!!

Amy Richard

Santorini Was Amazing

Louise Britten

Hi Debbie. Santorini was amazing!! Sunny and breezy every day! Was nice to have our travel & accommodation bookings all prepaid. Everything went smoothly – just as planned (thank you!). No issues with Euro banking, shopping, payments. Loved the hotel and its proximity to gorgeous vistas (everywhere!) shops, restaurants, trails & Bus Stn. The pool, decks, A/C & included b’fast all added to the experience – and hotel staff were most friendly & helpful! We were able to enjoy many self-guided and organized activities & adventures (hiking, beaches, swimming, shopping, sunsets, catamaran cruise, water taxi, archeological site, donkey ride, winery tours, gondola, Greek cooking class, geocaching, kayaking, caves & even cliff jumping for some!) Every one of the countless scenic photos we took could be a postcard! All tour operators were fantastic – on time, organized, knowledgeable and fun. They picked us up & dropped us off at or within a block of our hotel. Costs were very reasonable and well worth it! We learned to be cautious of drivers while walking (motorcycles & 4-wheelers had their own rules!) but taxis & buses were very convenient & inexpensive. Aegean Airlines also get a favourable mention. And the fancy airport hotel in Athens was perfect – pedway to/from airport and metro train into the city for a meal, museum & acropolis visit before heading home the next morning! Santorini was a wonderful choice for us to follow our conference in Athens; it allowed us relaxation and adventure, laughter & learning, sunshine & shade, land & sea, shopping & sightseeing, food & drink and so much more. Thank you! – Louise

The Trip Was so Great!! – Pestana Cayo Coco Beach Resort

Melissa Candelora

The trip was great – I made it out of Halifax before the storm, so I was worried for nothing. It was hot and sunny all week! I was so glad not to have to shovel!! The resort was nice. Both Melanie and I were impressed with how clean everything was – There were always workers picking up glasses and tidying the bathrooms in the main building. The maids did a great job making sure our rooms were clean too. The beach was BEAUTIFUL – one day were were able to walk all along it and then out into the water to the end of the cove. There was always lots of chairs at the beach and at the pool (which is a big thing for me). The food was ok – I’ve heard a lot of people say the food in Cuba isn’t the best, so I was prepared for that. (and we didn’t go hungry). I was really disappointed with the All a carte we went to (Italian). They didn’t seem to change up the recipe to make it any different than what is served in the buffet. We were really hoping to get n individualized meal when we went there on our last night. Another thing I thought was a downside was the entertainment staff.They seemed to do a variation of the same show every night (some dance routine) and the disco played the same dance mix every night. There also wasn’t really an alternative thing to do in the evenings besides go to the lobby for the shows. (or take a walk to the beach, but not on the beach, like we did). We did a great excursion! We thought we were signing up to go on a little boat tour and snorkelling, but it ended up that we got to drive the boat. It was a fun surprise and the mangrove we visited was filled with wildlife and fish. Thanks again for booking for me! I’m sure I will be in touch again, Melissa

Amazing Trip!!!

Andy Bezanson

Hi Debbie, The trip was amazing! It was one of the best trips I have ever been on…without exaggeration. Everything went super smooth, almost surreal smooth. When we checked in at Kapalua Villas and the receptionist remarked that we were to get a very nice condo…I figured she probably says that to everyone. Regardless, the condo was perfect! It had an amazing view, a couple minute walk from our beach, walking distance to two more beautiful beaches. The sound of surf and palm trees blowing at night. And no noise from neighbours, so very relaxing. A pool was also close by and my 6 and 3 year old girls became much more confident with their swimming. The facilities and grounds were top notch. The area was just on the edge of the rural part and a couple minutes from the busier parts if we wanted that. The condo itself had the baths and kitchens reno’d so were super nice also. I really think we got great value for what we paid, so I thank you! The weather turned out to be perfect. We did some island exploring and enjoyed that also, but spent the majority of time in the Kapalua area, which is the way I wanted it. The only draw-back was that Mom didn’t join us…I tried. I would recommend the Kapalua Ridge Villas and your service to anyone. Thank you again, Andy

I Wanna Go Back!!

Ashley Julien

Hey Debbie!!! I wanna go back!!! LOL For our first trip down south I had an amazing time and we had an amazing resort. We did 3 excursions our favorite being the VIP catamaran. My only Negative thing would be the food I disliked all of it and survived on bananas and watermelon LOL my dad on the other hand loved the food so it was just my own issue lol. All the people we met on the resort became more like friends and we even convinced them to do some excursions with us. The bartenders and staff were HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY allllll the time and it was just an amazing experience. I will definately be doing back to that same resort I am trying to get some time off in November and bring some girlfriends along this time instead. What are the prices like in November and is it a good time to travel? Cheers!!! Ashley

Varadero, Cuba

Debbie Davis Maybee

Hi Debbie, We are back and we were so shocked to see the amount of snow down. Fred has been clearing all day yesterday and today. Quite a change from the last week! So, some feedback. We are pretty easy going about things so as long as things work, we are good. We found Bella Costa to be a good resort, good service, excellent entertainment, good food and nice people. It was lovely to have the beach so close and the smaller size of the resort was nice. We really enjoyed the proximity to the town of Varadero and will probable take more advantage of that in the future. The management of the resort is neglecting the upkeep. The decor is tired and a bit shabby. Everything was working in the rooms, and clean, but the mattresses were worn and uncomfortable and the bathroom fixtures showed some corrosion. General upkeep and refreshing is needed. The tour through Jorge was very good. We didn’t meet him, but he had everything well arranged. We had an excellent tour guide, Anna, and a lovely walking tour. We were disappointed with the restaurant – very slow and very expensive. We would have much preferred a light lunch in an outdoor cafe somewhere but we were brought to an inside Italian restaurant suited for an expensive, leisurely dinner. We declined starters,and desserts, and wines. Our lunches took over 40 minutes to arrive so we were in a hurry to eat if we didn’t want to cut into our afternoon tour. The afternoon tour was in an open top car, very cramped back seat, but awesome tour. The flight down was good. They had given away our seats to people in Halifax that we purchased in advance but managed to find us two other seats together close by. The flight back was delayed because of weather in Halifax so we were at the resort for an extra 6 hours! I’m happy with the times were arrived and left the resort. I felt sorry for those leaving or arriving late at night or in the middle of the night. We are already planning next year! We would like to combine some time in Havana with some time on a resort. Maybe 3 days in one of the lovely Old Havana hotels that we saw on our walking tour, then go to a resort in Varadero for a week. Perhaps you can give us some advice on a combination like that. Thanks so much for your interest and quick responses to questions. Look forward to working with you again. Debbie

Royalton Riviera Cancun – Fantastic Resort

Judy and Ken Hoffer

Hola, Debbie! Ken and I had a great flight down to Cancun on Sunwing. Glad we upgraded to the Elite Plus. Buses were waiting to drop us off at hotels. Very well,organized. The Royalton is a brand new five star all inclusive resort that opened in December. My only comparison is the five star Iberostar in Jamaica. Royalton was much more luxurious. Upon check in, we were upgraded for free to The Hideaway section! We did the happy dance! The Hideaway is the adults only section. Separate pools, beach section and special restaurant. We were entitled to use all the other resort pools and facilities as well. The restaurants were all fantastic and the food outstanding. All guests can eat at any of the 8 different restaurants. There is an excellent international buffet that features many different cuisines. Drinks included! Swim up bars. There was a variety show every evening. Fantastic water park for the kids. Service and staff were excellent. The beach was beautiful. Powdery sand. The only negative is the resort is somewhat isolated which meant taxi rides to Cancun and playa de Carmen were expensive. Sunwing did offer a shopping trip excursion which was free if you toured a jewelry factory. It is only 20 minutes from the airport. It’s not in the Hotel Zone. Our return transfer was on time and the trip to Halifax uneventful except for returning to the -17C snowy weather. Many thanks for finding this resort for us, Debbie. We appreciated your list of tips for traveling too.

Judy and Ken Hoffer

A week of heaven…….

Kim Dares

NCL Breakaway

Jennifer Estabrooks – Amanda Estabrooks

Hi Debbie Thank you so much for organizing this cruise for us. We had the best time ever. The ship was excellent – food, entertainment and shows, our room with balcony, service, drinks! Everything was great. Cheers Jen

Jennifer Estabrooks – Amanda Estabrooks

Overall…a WONDERFUL trip – thanks for your expert advice!


Hello Deb!!

OMG….weather was awesome! 35-40 degrees everyday with SUNSHINE!! It rained 3 or 4 times during the evening – perfect timing. lol

Resort was nice. Very similar layout as to the one we went to last year – only on a much smaller scale!
Waterpark was very nice! Although…. the girls were only there twice and only for about an hour each time. I thought they’d spend more of their time there but they enjoyed the beach and pool on the resort just as well. A great option for families though.

No complaints about the rooms, the service or the food!

We went on the “Stingray Bay” excursion and it was AWESOME!! Only $78.00 per adult and each adult could take along one child for free! We left @10:30am and returned to the resort @4pm. We went out on a “pirate ship” and had lots of entertainment and laughs!! The excursion included….snorkeling, swimming with the sharks and coming in contact with stingrays and learning a lot about them. Kids LOVED it and I must say….the adults did too!

Overall…..a WONDERFUL trip – thanks for your expert advice and checking in with us!

One thing I will see changing for next trip….better traveling times! Leaving late in the evening to come home was not that great! I was ok but…..hubby couldn’t get settled and was just waiting to leave ALL day! Me on the other hand, enjoyed soaking up my last day of sunshine, laying comfortably on the beach!! lol

Thanks again Deb


We had a FANTASTIC time!


Hi Debbie!

Not sure if Alissa or Vanessa had an opportunity to write!

We had a FANTASTIC time! The resort was really quiet, so we had run of the land! We stayed in the Corel side – the rooms are really dated – but clean, beds are comfy – and towel and water every day. Pools were nice, restaurants were fantastic, and unlimited, and we always found something to eat at the buffet! The only thing we found strange was that there was no wine at the lobby bar – but that was really it! We bought our own wine – or swindled a bottle from the restaurants. Over all great resort, I would go back for sure!


Thanks for all your hard work for making our trip so wonderful!

Good Morning,

Thanks for your email.  Our trip was fabulous, just the right amount of time.  The weather was great, sunny and hot both in London and Paris.  But you can imagine, a lot of running around and at times it was very tiring.  LOL

Renee took about 1400 pics so it’s going to be a bit before they are all downloaded.  I will send you a few once I get them situated.

Jamaica?  Lucky girl… that’s my next destination.

We should get together for coffee some when you’re free.

Thanks for all your hard work for making our trip so wonderful!


I want to thank you so much for making this trip so easy.


Hi Debbie


Just got back Monday from this resort. I would highly recommend this to everyone. Resort was beautiful and clean. Small resort so access to all amenities was within minutes. Staff treated you like royalty and you were never looking for someone to cater to your needs. There were a lot of activities going on at both resorts. The sister resort was only 5 minutes away and there were many shops on site.

The buffet was amazing. Lots to choose from and quality food. You know Dave loves his food and he was highly impressed. We had no problems reserving the restaurants. We even went to the grill twice. I would go back in a minute. As you know we have been to many 5 stars and this is on the top of our list.

Cheers Tammy


 Debbie Bourque

We LOVED it!! You definitely need to go, Debbie. The place was beautiful; the beach was amazing and the service was outstanding!!

We would go back in a second! I believe all the guests were Canadian; it felt like a family — we made some great friends. We did the excursion to Havana – it is really good. A long day, though; early up and ready and after 8 pm return. Glad we did it. Check in and check out were so smooth- they take care of everything and make sure we are comfortable.

Highly recommend this resort! Worth the money for sure! Anyone going should bring tissues if they need them, none on the resort and of course wash cloths.

Debbie Bourque – Royalton Santa Clara – Cuba

The vacation was excellent as always. Thanks for everything!

 Lori & Vince

Hi Debbie,

We were in one of the new rooms, in the building on the right in one of these pics, which was very nice. The grounds outside of our room are not yet groomed, but we had a lovely view of the gorgeous new pool…which will open today. We missed it by two days, but we took some lovely pics of it. The pool is beautiful! Thought you’d be interested in these photos. The vacation was excellent, as always. Thanks for everything.

Lori & Vince/Holguin Cuba

Just wanted to thank you for all the arrangements you made for us.

 Lorraine Palmer

Hi Debbie. Just wanted to thank you for all the arrangements you made for us. We had a super trip. The Excellence Resort was wonderful again this year. We loved it all. Transat couldn’t have been better either. It was well worth the extra money to sit up front in comfortable seats. You did a good job! Sincerely, Lorraine

Lorraine Palmer/Punta Cana

The Wedding was Perfect!

Mary Ann MacLean

Hey Debbie,
It was a great trip! The wedding was perfect. The iberostar is such a beautiful place. The service was awesome. We had a fun week at the Riu too but it wasnt as close to as nice as iberostar. Glad we picked that one for the wedding. I would 100% recommend iberostar for a wedding! Also we did the weddi g on the spa terrace and it was the most beautiful place better than having it on the beach because it was private.

Mary Ann MacLean/Wedding Group

All in all a great trip! Thanks for all your help!

Cindy Norrad

Hi, Deb….everything went well…. Mom made it there and back in one piece….thankfully!

The resort was great…beautiful beach, great entertainment and staff very courteous. We were in the standard rooms (as you know) but location-wise they were the closest to the beach and main pool plus buffets. It was a good location, 5 minutes by cab from 5th Avenue. No complaints here….lots of restaurant variety–discovered “The Cupcake Cafe” the last day there…a Starbucks-style cafe with delicious deserts…all included…. the only thing I would say was missing was a swim-up bar where you tend to meet more people (the Adults Only section had one but we did not have access, plus it was a very long way away from the beach so I would not have wanted to be in that section)….but other than that, I would highly recommend it….it is a wonderful place for anyone wanting to take kids…tons of entertainment for them….

As well, a beautiful big gym and free spa pools, steam room, etc. at no extra charge……

All in all, a great trip!

Thanks for all your help!

Cindy Norrad

Thanks! We did enjoy our vacation in Jamaica.

Kathy Powell

Hi Debbie,

Thanks! We did enjoy our vacation in Jamaica. Weather was great, flights were all on time, and yes, the jerk chicken was to die for…we ate it every day for lunch!

As for the resort itself, I was less impressed with it than our 4 star resort in Mexico last year. I found it hard to believe it was 5 star. Service and food was fine, however we found the amenities a bit dated! Bathroom was not the best and the beach was not too impressive either, especially the part directly in front of the resort buildings. We did, however, go to the end of the resort, by the nude beach, and found that part of the beach much better. Just not very big, but I guess for a resort that isn’t as large, you don’t need a lot of beach. The “sandy” part directly in front of the “hotel rooms” looked deserted, i.e.. no chairs, hard/rocky sand and no one on it. Kids area (not that we had kids) was also “closed”. Perhaps they are working on some upgrades as we did see painters, work trucks and the like on the last day we were there.

All in all, we had a much needed restful vacation. We’d go back to Jamaica, but perhaps would check out a different resort.

Thanks again,

– Kathy Powell

Trip was amazing!

Karla Maillet – Wedding Group

You’re the best Debbie. Dealt with you twice now, and both times were incredible.

 Karla Maillet- Wedding Group

Wedding was beautiful. Resort had everything. Loved our rooms. Loved the activities available on the resort (segways, bungy jumpy thing, water park). The kids took advantage of all of it. We especially enjoyed the seqways. If you have anybody else going, tell them that is a must. For $25 we scooted around the entire resort for almost 2 hours. Kids and adults loved it. Actually, my kids did it twice.

I found the employees soliciting the excursions less pushy and intrusive at this resort, which was nice. They were readily available, but didn’t harass or bother you. They were very accommodating as well. I had paid one of the employees $35 to go in the boat and video tape and take pictures of the kids on the banana boat (which is a common service they offer). When I went back the next day for the disk, they informed me the camera wasn’t working properly, and that the pictures weren’t of good quality so they didn’t feel it was fair to charge me. With a sincere apology, they gave me back my money, without me asking for it! That is good service!

Karla Maillet- Wedding Group

I want to thank you so much for making this trip so easy.

 Katherine H.

We had an amazing trip – and owe our wonderful time to Debbie’s hard work

 Kathy and Randy Murphy

Debbie was the consummate professional, providing helpful suggestions, putting our mind at ease, and offering to go above and beyond for all of our needs. The trip she booked for us was fabulous – the hotel was excellent – and the sights in London were second to none! We had an amazing trip – and owe our wonderful time to Debbie’s hard work, expertise, and great client service!

Kathy and Randy Murphy

Varadero – Cuba


Thanks dear, it was very nice, I liked very much. The flight was v.good and the hotel was good also and the food was very good and the people are very nice. All in all taking into consideration the socialism I will do it again with my two boys.

tks and rgds – Yousef

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