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Let my travel experiences make yours a great one!

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy


I believe that when we travel we invest in both ourselves and our families.  We grow and enrich our lives.

Such an important investment should be trusted to a Professional Advisor.  Just as we trust our financial investments to a Financial Advisor, our travel investments should be trusted to a Travel Advisor.  As a Certified Travel Counsellor, I am dedicated to providing personalized solutions with advice and recommendations that a website cannot provide.

A Professional Travel Advisor does not just book a vacation.  I will guide you from the moment you start Dreaming of a destination and help you turn that Dream into a reality.  I am here for you while you are away Exploring your destination.  And I welcome you home when you return – thrilled, enlightened, enriched and refreshed by all that you have Discovered.

I truly care that your travel experience is an amazing one.

I look forward to being a part of your journeys.

 Dream ◆ Explore ◆ Discover

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