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Virtuoso Travel Professionals Carol MacKay & Rob Houston will work with you to custom fit your next Ocean or River Cruise Adventure, Tour, Resort, or Group Experiences.

 Consumer Protection B.C. registered travel advisers that offer more than 25 years of professional consulting experience helping clients plan and execute exciting memorable vacation experiences.  Our client base has grown largely through referrals from  satisfied clients. Please call us, write us or visit us in our office to find out why.






  • Ocean, River & Luxury Niche Cruising
  • Specialty Group Travel
  • Fully Independent Travel / Custom Tours
  • Music, Cultural, Sports & Golf Tours
  • Asia, Africa & South Pacific tours
  • Luxury & Gourmet Inclusive Resort advise
  • Culinary / Foodie / Food & Wine Tours
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TPI Carol Mackay & Rob Houston is an independent owner, affiliated with TPI, Trevello Travel Group Inc.