The value we bring to your cruise vacation is priceless...

Our cruise specialists are steeped in the knowledge and the connections in the cruise industry for our clients to obtain the best value for their dollar, and curate memories enriched with rare experiences.

Sail on an Epic Journey

Join us for our most anticipated, 10-day French Riviera and Mediterranean group sailing aboard the Celebrity Constellation departing April 05, 2020.

Why Book with a Cruise Specialist

We understand that booking a cruise requires a great investment of your precious time and dollars. We arrange and handle every detail before and after your cruise, such as booking and coordinating your insurance, airfare, transportation to and from the ship and your pre and post hotel stays. We have sent over 1000 cruise enthusiasts around the globe to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime, providing them with added perks that they could not get on their own.


The World Awaits

As cruise specialists, we have seen the world from a very unique vantage point. The variety you receive on a cruise is beyond what you could even imagine- ships today are floating cities, providing each traveler with extensive programs, delicious cuisines, and many exotic destinations. Your vacation planning is stress-free when you work with our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cruising is too expensive- cruise prices come in many ranges sometimes as low as $50 per person, per night.
  • Are cruises all-inclusive? No. Certain amenities, specialty dining, drinks on board typically have an additional charge.
  • Are cruise ships all alike? No. Some ships are big, small, explorer, decadent.
  • Is cruising just for older people? No. Cruises target many types of demographics and traveller types- Families, Health Conscious and Active Travellers
  • Will I get sick or seasick?- Ships are so large it is well stabilized, Caribbean waters are generally calm, radars help big ships outrun hurricanes.
  • Is cruising safe?  Ships follow an extraordinary number of rules and regulations in place to protect passenger’ and crew’s safety while onboard. The Coast Guard conducts rigorous quarterly inspection s of all ships that operate from US ports, looking to make sure they comply with emergency response requirements.
  • Will I get bored? No way. You may need a map to navigate around today’s big ships and there’s something to do in nearly every corner


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