Phyllis, Alex and I are at the Kigali airport waiting to board our flight to Nairobi and then on to Tanzania. We’ve had a wonderful experience in Rwanda.  All accommodations and reservations have worked out beautifully. Thank you.

We were met at the airport coming in by a delightful young man who was a genocide survivor.  The hotel in Kigali was terrific. Nice to stay at something other than a Marriott or Hyatt. Our Matoke driver was there the next morning just as we finished breakfast.  He turned out to be most accommodating and informative. Virunga turned out to be a very special place. Beautiful hilltop setting, spacious bungalows, excellent food and perhaps the best service we’ve ever had in all our travels.  So despite the dropped booking problem it turned out to be a great call.  So glad we stayed there. Stay with them. I think all your clients will love it.

We did the Gorilla trek yesterday and can’t put the experience into words.  Challenging hike in primarily due to very slippery mud trail.  Recommend your clients have good hiking boots with good gripping soles.  Those creatures are endearing and you are right in their midst.  We visited a 22 member family and watched 17 of them including two silverbacks and several youngsters.  We got back with plenty of time to clean up and enjoy our massages.  Just first class.  Can’t say enough about the friendly and personal service.  They knew our names, preferences and were always right there to assist.

After a leisurely start this morning visited the Genocide Museum (a very sobering experience) and had a late lunch at Heaven. Great recommendations. Amanda, thanks again for putting together such a beautiful experience for us.  We really appreciate all the time you spent making changes for us.  Everything has worked out beautifully.You did a fabulous job for us. The accommodations were terrific.  The only thing better was your follow through on every little detail. If we can ever serve as a referral for you we would be delighted to do so.

Lynn & Phyllis – Massachusetts, USA

This is from Barb, her words are it was great, it was more than what she expected and the wedding made the whole trip. Everything was so well planned out, gave us enough time to get to everything and having us ladies in the front seat made the two day trips the best also.

You have come to our aid just by a email with contacting the companies to make our travel more enjoyable and haven’t steered us wrong. The instructions you put together and package took all the worries out of our trip. Again this whole trip was well planed and you floored me, thank you.

Brian & Barb – New Brunswick, Canada

Thank You so much for what you have done for us all. We had the best time and memories of our lives, thanks to you, that will live in our hearts forever. We will highly recommend you to anyone.

Mike & Colleen – Newfoundland, Canada

We made it back to Canada :-). Thank you so much for arranging this amazing honeymoon for us. We absolutely loved Kenya and hope to return again. Thank you for going above and beyond for us. Every hotel/lodge we stayed at acknowledged it was our honeymoon and made it very special for us. We will recommend this trip for our friends and family and we will make sure to recommend you to book it 🙂 We are quite exhausted from the journey home I just wanted to send you a quick email but I will send you some pictures and more details another day 🙂 hope all is well!

Amanda & Jake – Ontario, Canada


Amanda Strowbridge-Msuya is hands-down the BEST travel agent. Amanda organized our trip to Tanzania, which is the best vacation we have ever had and this says a lot! We were a bit nervous and had huge expectations and many questions, Amanda was there for us the entire time. To add to this, we live in Austria and Amanda is in Canada so all of our communication with her was via e-mail and skype and though this may be a challenge to some travel experts Amanda was really great, all communication was prompt and fulsome.

We decided on Amanda because we wanted an expert in the area and we were not disappointed! I believe we were treated even better than normal on our vacation because the locals knew her and respected her and this was reflected in their amazing treatment of us. ALSO, she planned things spectacularly as only someone very familiar with the area could. For example, we did a hot air balloon safari and while some people had to get up extremely early to go (around 4 am) we did not because Amanda selected for us a beautiful tented camp relatively close to the balloon safari start point. This is just ONE of the many, many things that showed us how lucky we were to have Amanda plan our trip. We HIGHLY recommend Amanda!

Tashia and Jurgen


Here’s what they also had to say about the safari company I booked for them and their balloon safari -check out more great reviews………

Hi Amanda,

We got back this weekend, it was an amazing trip.  The safari was everything I had hoped it would be!  We saw literally 50 lions in the first day in the Serengeti, many right at the truck. Kiota Camp was my favorite, and Chaka Camp was my husband’s favorite.  We felt like Kirawira was a little too “colonial” for our tastes, but the staff was very nice there!  Oliver’s Camp was also very nice.  We felt very welcome at all the camps, and the little gifts of champagne, wine, cake from all the camps, and the carved Karibu sign from Chaka, were so nice.  It really was fantastic.  We also loved our guide, Jonathan.  He was very patient, always in a good mood, and worked really hard for us.  We really couldn’t have been more pleased with the whole thing.  Moving around to the different parks and areas of the Serengeti was great, it gave us more of a feel of the land, and we got to see different landscapes and animals.  Thank you SO MUCH for arranging such a wonderful trip for us! I would also mention that while we requested mid-range, Chaka and Kiota Camps did feel very high end, but also very authentic at the same time.  We really loved our experience!



New Orleans, USA

Hi Amanda,

I just texted Emilyn the other day to thank her for recommending you! Everything went just perfect Amanda, you’re amazing at what you do. Thank you very much and I hope to be bugging you again soon with another adventure! Cheers!

Camila – Winnipeg, Canada

Hi Amanda,

Can’t express how much I appreciate the work you have done. Thanks so much. Your fee was worth every penny. I probably would not have gone if  I had to go through the hassle and the maze of flights I saw on line. You can be assured any subsequent trips I take I will be going to you. So, I am off to Portugal. WOW! Can’t wait. It’s bloody cold and icy here!
Thanks again.
Mary – Nova Scotia, Canada

Hello Amanda,

The whole trip was great. We will be asking for some more help again. Everything thing went well and your help made the trip to Rome a pleasure. Thank you again for everything and great  job.

Barb & Brian – New Brunswick, Canada

Hi Amanda,

We had a fabulous time. We cannot thank you enough for all of the help you provided to us in setting it up. I was amazed at how smoothly everything went. We can honestly say we did not have a bad day and everyday felt like and adventure which is just what was ordered. The animal highlights aside (as those you cannot order) others definitely include the giraffe sanctuary, carnivore restaurant, Ngorogoro (that is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives), the Balloon ride (man we are glad we did that) and Chumbe.

I think our favourite accommodations were the three tented camps we stayed in and Chumbe.  Food was fantastic everywhere.

There was very little critical to say. If I had to be very picky I would say that Peppercorn was a bit of a gong show. The facilities were great and lovely but no one seemed to know what was going on. No one knew we were coming, when breakfast or dinner was and we did not even check in or check out. We just found someone who gave us a key to a cabana and off we went. It worked out well. No real problems.  They just seemed very disorganized.

I must say given the length and magnitude of this trip, the fact that that was all that went wrong (and I would not even call it “wrong”) is amazing.  Thanks again for helping make this a trip of a life time. It was awesome. If you ever need to pass along our contact as a reference for other clients please don’t hesitate.

Allison Crolly  – Winnipeg, MB Canada

I still want to write you a full email about the honeymoon but in short….. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Everything you planned was a great experience. Our guides, hotels, itinerary. Yes, we did receive your bottle of champagne and we greatly appreciated it. 

Kristina & Alex – New York, USA

Hi Amanda,

We really had an amazing trip. Thank you for everything. The camp was beautiful and the service was great. Our drivers were also fantastic. They definitely made the trip more enjoyable. We especially liked how Joseph was able to keep the safari entertaining. He was great at finding the animals and planning activities like river walks to break up the long car drives. Thanks again for all your help in planning. We will be recommending the trip to our friends and family.

Gaby & Josh – Manitoba, Canada

Jambo Jambo,

The trip was fantastic and over the top both our expectations were excised – well done. Both Isaac and Khalid were awesome and significantly added value to the experience. KLM was awesome and we will fly them again.  Yes we would do it again!

The stay at Gibbs Farm was over the top. When we went for supper they took us aside to a private outdoor dinning area with a fireplace – somebody had obviously put in a very good word for us and it was appreciated and enjoyed. When in Toronto we will organize lunch or dinner. Thanks for your organization and support.

We were very happy with Duma and particularly impressed with our guide Isaac.  We have recommended you to others we met on the safari.  We have also recommended Duma Explorer but always with the assurance that much of our good experience with them was due to your advice on lodging choices and itinerary, and your influence.

Bette Jean & Bert – BC and Ontario, Canada

Hi Amanda,

The trip went very well. It was colder than usual for that time of year.(Climate change) Our guide said they were swimming in the ocean the week before. We left on Tuesday and the updated weather forecast changed on Thurs. Our three days in the Algarve were wonderful. Weather there was warm and sunny and because it was off season for tourists it was not crowded. Would not have enjoyed it mid summer.

Trafalgar got an  “A” as far as quality and location of hotels, schedules, tour guides, timing and extra treats. The optional activities were all worth while and enhanced the regular schedule. We had an exceptional, experienced Portuguese tour director who went way beyond the call of duty to meet our needs, particularly during a visit to emergency after a fall. Our group photo was free, along with several edible treats, special to specific areas visited. Previous Trafalgar travelers were all given appreciation gifts.

I’ve traveled with several tour companies and would definitely choose Trafalgar again.

Based on your efficiency and work ethic, I would recommend you and choose to work with you again. Thanks so much,

Anita – Ontario, Canada

Hi Amanda,

The trip was an incredible experience. When we arrived at the airport our driver had your name & my name on it. The hotel great! The drive to Uganda was fine until the rough road, wholly cow! With all the money being made on gorillas they might at least grade the road. Our stay at gorilla safari lodge was nice. The people friendly and helpful.

The gorilla trek was challenging! Walked 2 hours straight downhill , 1 hr on steep terrain with gorillas, then 3 hrs straight uphill. I think they thought we were younger cause we were in a group of 30ish’s. It practically did us in. So glad we stayed an extra day to recover and chill.

On the return from Rwanda airport our flight was 1.5 late, so we missed connecting flight to Kilimanjaro. Spent the night in airport, missed our night at b&b in kili. This was the only hiccup so we are grateful for all the effort and planning you assisted us with.

Thank you for everything

Leilani – Hawaii, USA

First of all, we want to tell you that we LOVED LOVED our trip. It was fantastic! Everything. the parks, the lodges, the people. It was such an amazing experience.


We were very happy with Christian as our guide and Maasai Wanderings in general. He worked very hard to meet all of our needs (mostly finding animals!!), he was very attentive, and lucky for Tim,  he was especially knowledgeable about the vehicles also. I had worried that it would be kind of awkward having a personal guide but they were all needless worries. I am so glad you suggested a private trip vs. joining a group. I am sure our trip would have been very different if I had to sit in one spot the whole time. I would recommend a private guide to everyone.

Thank you Amanda for putting this trip together. Please know I will pass your info along to anyone who is planning an African vacation!

Marie & Tim – USA

Amanda, we loved the Four Seasons. The rooms were beautiful. The one on Lanai was probably the best room we have ever stayed in and had the most beautiful view. The flights were good and I was happy to be in first class. This is the type of trip I like to go on. First class flight and first class hotel.

Deb – Ontario, Canada

Hi Amanda

The safari was great, Julius from Bison picked us up, he is easy going and we had a good day with him, he met us at the airport and took us around Nairobi. He brought us to the Giraffe Center and really great restaurant Marula which was really nice, it was in Karen. Daphne Sheldrick’s was really crowded so we didn’t spend much time there. I wouldn’t go there again, too many people but I’m happy they are getting so many visitors to fund the orphanage.

Entim was really nice, I initially compared it to Kichwa tembo which I thought was amazing and couldn’t be topped ( mostly because of the tents) but to be honest the location of Entim was so much better, and the staff were so genuine and sweet and they made the effort to get to know everyone, they were really nice, so that made it come out on top for me.

Our guide/driver James was wonderful, we drove for hours and being right on the Mara is certainly a plus and not having to get out of the Park at 6:30 lets you enjoy the amazing sunsets. We could see the migration from the tent patios and you can walk down to the river to see the crossing.

The food was a set 4 course menu,  it was delicious and just the right amount and the boxed breakfasts yummy, James picked the most beautiful places to stop and eat.

The tent was great, basic but had everything, only complaint was that the beds were slightly hard and at night the animals got loud… Sharon was terrified the first!

Ole Sereni didn’t live up to the hype. The room was tiny and the AC wasn’t great. The restaurant on the patio was nice and food good and the staff great, just the room was more 3 star.. 

All in all a great safari, it totally lived up to my expectations (and beyond) . Thank you so much!

Barb – Nova Scotia, Canada

First of all thank you for all your efforts in arranging what was an adventure of a lifetime.

The driver, Ronald, who looked after us in Rwanda was absolutely terrific. He was extremely helpful and full of information. He was very attentive and after Mag’s showed an interest in botany he stopped a number of times to point out interesting plants. After I’d casually mentioned in conversation enjoying barbecued maize in Tanzania he stopped and bought us some on the side of the road and wouldn’t let us pay him for it! (So we took him to lunch on our way to the airport) We would all be very happy to have him as our driver again, if we went back to Rwanda.

As for The Mountain Gorilla Lodge, the food was pretty ordinary – a buffet.  However, the staff were great, they were very welcoming and couldn’t be more helpful and friendly. The entertainment was excellent if repetitive, but as most guests appeared to only stay a couple of nights that doesn’t matter. The morning after the gorilla trek we got our boots returned not just cleaned….but as new…..we were all were very impressed.

The only real criticism (and a number of other guests had the same problem) was that the concrete paths to the accommodation were incredibly slippery when wet (and it rained both days we were there). Navigating to and from the rooms was like trying to walk on ice and all three of us slipped on a number of occasions.

The Hotel Milles de Collins was fabulous. Friendly, helpful staff, rooms clean and comfortable and the food was delicious…..breakfast was absolutely amazing. There was a little work going on with some scaffolding around the rear balcony (poolside) but that really didn’t bother us at all as everything else was so wonderful and we just avoided the scaffolding in our photos. We all agreed that this would definitely be our hotel of choice if we returned to Kigali.

Sarova Lodge was also fabulous. The staff were very welcoming and friendly. The rooms (although a little tight for three) were lovely and very clean. The food was excellent and one of the best buffet type restaurants in any of the lodges I’ve been to.  The laundry service was nothing less than amazing. With all the traveling we’d been doing we all had a lot of laundry but despite not reaching the lodge until lunch time, we had all our laundry returned clean and pressed by 7pm that evening…..very impressive! We would all happily chose to stay there again, although, if it was three of us we’d probably get two rooms…..if it was more than one night.

Our driver for the lakes was again friendly and helpful and was an excellent safari guide. Thanks to him we saw 5 White Rhinos and a Black Rhino close up as well as buffalo, lions, hyenas, giraffe, various antelope, baboons and various birds.

Anyway, we all had a terrific time and all three of us wouldn’t hesitate to book any future African adventures through you, and we’re more than happy to recommend you to friends and family heading to Africa.

Ali Medlock –  Australia

Trip was AMAZING!!!!  I would strongly recommend Ireland to anyone. LeBoat was good.  Boat was very nice and the waterways are very well maintained and very easy to use.  I would strongly recommend that experience to anyone!  Very casual about the boat rental.  All around awesome trip.

Thanks for all the help! Greatly appreciated.

Neil – Ontario, Canada

Hi Amanda,
Thanks so much…our trip was great 🙂 The hotel we stayed at was very modern, clean and  centrally located.  The service we received there was excellent!!! The morning breakfast was a really nice addition.  We also enjoyed sitting on the rooftop lounge at the end of a long day.  The staff there were very friendly and accommodating. The  tour of the Coliseum/Roman Form/Palatine Hill was good.  She was a great guide who was easy to listen to and who seemed to know a great deal about the history of Rome. We wear provided head phones so we could hear her throughout.  This tour has quite  a lot of walking, and a lot of people, so we were pretty wiped by the end of it. The tour of Vatican City was also good…Our guide was pretty good…but just a couple of thoughts.  All of the buildings are absolutely breath taking, and it is definitely a must-see while in Rome.  It’s a tough place for a tour though, as there are so many people and so many groups, that it was sometimes hard to stay with the group, and the crowd itself was just frustrating at times. There are so many signs and descriptions of things, I wonder if I would book this as a tour again, or just do it on our own, at our own pace. There were a few things I would have loved more time to browse, or to just sit in the gardens and enjoy for a few minutes, but we had to stay with the group.  I loved the area outside of St. Peter’s Square – the Bridge of Angels and the area around it was pretty cool.

The tour to the Amalfi Coast was our highlight for sure.  SO glad we went ahead with it!

It was a long day…taxi to Termini Station, train for 1.5 hours to Naples, Shuttle from Naples to Positano was another 1.5 hours (ish) and was a pretty adventurous ride (driving along roads built into cliffs, and you know how they drive in Europe). Positano is a neat little beach town.  It’s a tourist town for sure – shopping here is a combination of beach gear/wear and souvenirs and high end shopping. The boat ride along the coast was a (fairly crowded) ferry, but it was smooth and the view was spectacular.  We then went to Amalfi and did the tour of the lemon farm.  The farm is vertically built up the cliff, so a lot of stairs.  Seeing the lemons, hearing about what it takes for them to sustain this farm and smelling the lemon tree flowers was amazing.  Imagine sitting on a cliff top, overlooking the coast line, eating lemon  cake and sipping limoncello while surrounded by what smells like Jasmine. Absolutely incredible. Amalfi then has a lot of shops that sell lemon products and souvenirs. We didn’t have a great deal of time to wander freely around Amalfi, but managed to buy some lemon pasta, spices and Amalfi limoncello 🙂  From there we got on the boat again and cruised to Salerno, where we caught the train back to Rome. Our tour guide bought us a local snack (like a rice ball…can’t remember the name) to taste on the train back. Our guide was a very kind and knowledgeable English man. His role was basically to get us to each place, and he talked about the history of the area as we drove. Overall, the tours were good, and eased the pressure on us to find our way around and ensure we saw everything. We crammed a lot in to 8 days, and at times, we felt it for sure.

 Thanks again for all of your help with this Amanda.  I will definitely be going back to Italy, and now that I know the lay of the land, I will feel much more comfortable travelling around on our own without the need to have everything pre-booked and laid out. I can’t wait to go back and tour the countryside and the coast, starting at the top and just working our way down to Sicily 🙂

Tracy – Ontario, Canada

Hi Amanda,

I had an AMAZING time!!!! The Bavaro Princess was a fantastic resort (just like Sheri said it would be lol). The rooms were clean, the food was good and the booze was strong lol.  I wish I was sitting on the beach right now instead of sitting at my desk.

I have no complaints about Sunwing either…they weigh your carryon luggage now, that was a surprise to us, but all was good.

Thanks so much for booking for me.

Michelle – Ontario, Canada 

Hi Amanda,

We are back and are recovering slowly from the jet lag. It was nice to meet you in Tanzania. Thanks for  your efforts in making our trip so great.

Overall, the trip was well-organized and nicely tailored to what we wanted. The lodges were beautiful and comfortable. The food was good, the guides were great and we felt well-cared for and well-informed.

In hindsight the trip was a bit hectic with much time spent in the car on bumpy, dusty roads. It would have been good to have somewhat shorter game drive days and more time to relax at the scenic lodges between events.

Of the other activities we liked the canoe trip at Speke Bay, which had a great guide, the balloon ride with Riz, the friendly pilot and the visit to Oldupai Gorge, where the speaker was very knowledgable. 

Overall we are very happy with the trip.  All of the logistics worked out flawlessly, we felt very pampered being actually picked up at the Nairobi airport, and dropped off at Kilimanjaro airport. Plus all the meals were handled without our worry, and all the entry/exit paperwork was taken care of.  Lots of preparation went into this trip and it worked out well!  If anyone asks us for recommendations for planning a similar trip we’ll have no hesitation to recommend you!

Kathie & Peter – Seattle, USA


I have really enjoyed the Safari. The Lodge, Camp, was just perfect et the food very delicious. Our driver was very professional and we have seen a lot of animals.

Over all the expérience was really OK.

J. Carignan – Quebec, Canada 

Hello Amanda ,

Everything was more than perfect, in the Lodge , Safari and Balloon …Service A-1 

Thanks for asking

Serge – Quebec, Canada 

Hi Amanda,

Trip was fantastic, it rained a couple of days, but we still got lots of sun.The staff are nice and friendly, more so in the royal service section. Low season is the time to go, as there are far less people in the resort, and getting a beach or pool spot is no trouble. The food is fine, the al carte restaurants are better than the buffet, with the exception of the Asian/Cuban fusion restaurant, that one wasn’t too great.The beach here is beautiful and nice and wide.

Thank you for organizing it!

(Resort booked was Paradisus Varadero, Cuba)

Alex – Alberta, Canada

Hi Amanda,

We got home safe and sound.  The trip was great – relaxing and hot – just what we needed.  The Iberostar Paraiso Lindo resort was beautiful. We were able to eat out each night at a restaurant (apart from the first evening and another unexpected trip to the medical centre), take advantage of their spa, and a show or two. It was very windy so there was a red flag everyday and we couldn’t get in the water at all. We spent the majority of time at the pool. You’re right – Burke loved the ice cream. 

Thanks so much once again for all of your help!

Jodi Lewis – Northwest Terrorties, Canada

Jambo Amanda;

You are an amazing tour organizer! Everything went without a hitch. We didn’t experience any difficulties with connecting flights and loved all our accommodations. Our safari guides were friendly, accommodating and very knowledgeable. We especially liked the intrepid Wilson who managed to have us witness 3 wildebeest migrations in 2 days! The Mount Meru Hotel was a welcomed rest stop before our adventure. Oliver’s Camp was a wonderful experience to remember. Luxury in the Tarangire! The Plantation Lodge provided a nice foil between the two camps. Chaka Camp was not quite as luxurious as Oliver’s but provided a great experience as well. Breezes was a lovely rest stop on the beautiful Indian Ocean before our journey home. Even the boutique hotel in Stonetown, The Kisiwa House, was charming. All camps and hotels provided good boxed lunches or breakfasts. The meals and service were really quite good considering the inherent challenges. In every case, even on the airlines, our gluten free request was accommodated.

Thank you Amanda for organizing a wonderful African experience. It was flawless.

Just to add a little story how wonderfully accommodating and helpful Mr. Michael our first guide was.

 In Arusha after he has taken us to sightseeing and shopping returning to the hotel we discovered that one bag of goodies we have left behind  somewhere.

Without hesitation he offered to drive back and look for it. The next morning  he had all our missing goods. That is more than anyone can do for you. His son  William was accompanying  as a trainee Mr. Wilson  on our next leg in the Northern Serengeti. He is just like his dad, kind, ( will be a good guide one day) and was a great help to Mr. Wilson.   

Susan & Louis – Ontario, Canada

The second half of our trip was just as fantastic as the first half! Here is my feedback FYI:

Duma Explorer:

  • guides Sufuni and Msangi were professional, knowledgable, personable, flexible to our needs and wishes. They made the safari portion exceptional for us
  • trucks were in good condition and as comfortable as could be expected. Always stocked with water. 

Tribal visits – Datoga and Hadzabe.

  • We picked up our guide/interpreter Hassam on the way to the tribal visits. He was a wonderful contact person with much knowledge and passion about his job. We really enjoyed him. The visits were incredible and exactly what we wanted – especially the “click” language tribe which was on Mum’s wish list.

Balloon safari:

  • a hi-light for everyone. This excursion was one of the best things we did on the trip. Thank you so much for suggesting it, and Moses and yourself made it even more special!

Mbweni Ruins:

  • a wonderful small hotel which reminded us of the movie “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”. The rooms were lovely and clean (and air conditioned!). 
  • staff & food was great
  • location was perfect for visiting Stonetown, and we used the hotel shuttles with no problem

Chumbe Island:

  • this was the icing on the cake. The bungalows were quaint, clean and comfortable. Staff excellent. Food fantastic! Snorkelling – unparalleled anywhenre. Weather perfect. What more can I say – paradise!!

Hope you find this feedback useful. We really were blown away how you nailed all the items on our wish list. That is a talent that not all people come by easily, but you clearly have it. Thanks again on behalf of all of us for the trip of a lifetime!

Cheryl – British Columbia, Canada

Dear Amanda,

I am ever so grateful to you for arranging this phenomenal trip for myself and my family!! Since arriving home, I have been in catch up mode and so far am trying to deal with a deluge of phone calls, etc. My whole family agreed that there were so many highlights,however all agreed that the Balloon safari and breakfast was the best!!

Chumbe Island was over the top…loved it…the whole trip far exceeded any expectations…many surprises…the hot air balloon experience blew everyone away!! I will be forever grateful to you and Moses for making this legacy to my family come to fruition and my and my husband’s dream come true!!

Huge hugs to you and Moses,



Hi Amanda,

The trip was AMAZING.

Sabi Sands, Lion Lands is an amazing resort, from the location (over a river), the accommodations, to the food, the wine, the people and the services.  But most of all was the fact that our Ranger was Darren and our Tracker was Noel.  Those two guys made the Safari and extra amazing experience.  I’d return there only to be guided by both of them.

Cape Town was an amazing town.  The views, the food, the music, the culture, the ocean(s), and the scenery. Definitely must visit again.

Duarte – Georgia, USA

The trip was great in Kenya! We loved the LoveLiveAfrica company. We had Simon as our driver for our safari and our sightseeing in Nairobi too. He was a great guy and fantastic driver and guide – he knew it all and just where to go. We would have been lost without him.

On our arrival at the Nairobi airport, Julius was there to greet us. I was a bit nervous he forgot about us when he went for the van to take us to the Best Western – apparently getting out of the airport parking lot took a long time.
The Best Western in Nairobi was a very nice hotel. We really enjoyed our time at the ilkeliani Camp – they treated us so well. We actually liked that place the best even though it wasn’t the fanciest. It was great to spend time with nephew Mike and he even got us up in the Balloon – which was an amazing experience!

The Flamingo Hill Camp was lovely but I was not crazy about the Sawela Lodge – it was more of a vacation place for Nairobi people and less for Safari foreigners like us. But the Amboseli Sopa Lodge was terrific too.
We were impressed with the gifts we received from LoveLiveAfrica on arrival and departing gifts as well which never expected. We would highly recommend this company and you for coordinating our trip to Kenya. We felt safe and comfortable everywhere.

Mary – Ontario, Canada

Hi Amanda:

Barefoot Cay is fantastic!  The staff was great – very friendly and personal.  A few comments to pass along to those that might be interested:

  1. I don’t think I would recommend it to families (unless the kids are older – say teenagers).  For the most part, the guests were in their late 30’s to 60’s.  It is a quiet place, great for divers, or if you just want to chill.  Not the place to go for parties. 
  2. Speaking of diving – Coenraad was quite impressed with it.  The staff is very knowledgable and there are many different diving sites. 
  3. Accommodation is nice and clean and quiet.  Our room was perfect especially since we had the meal plan.  Maybe next time I would like to try to Bungalows, but for the time we were in the room, the master bedroom was perfect.
  4. It is located in an “industrial” area.  The distribution centre is next door.  Really doesn’t impact the view any cause I choose to look out towards the ocean and you really only notice it when you are taking the little barge across to the main island.  However, Mel told us that some people do complain about it. 

So, depending on the client, I would highly recommend it. 

Thanks Amanda

Karen – Alberta, Canada

Hello Amanda,

The trip was wonderful overall, the Paradisus was quite nice, and I would definitely go back there. The sunwing rep at the resort had told me that the cigar factories weren’t actually open yet, but opened in late May, so I guess I’ll have to go back a second time.

We ended up going on a day trip to Havana where they also brought us to a cabaret show as well in the evening, so that was quite nice. That included a trip to a cigar shop, so I managed to get some good deals there.

The people at the resort were all quite nice, and the resort itself was very nice as well. The food was surprisingly good (we had heard from many people that the food in Cuba was awful), and the only complaint I would have about the resort would be the maintenance of the public washrooms. They weren’t maintained as well as I would have hoped (toilet paper wasn’t always there, toilet seats randomly missing, the floor could have been cleaned a bit more frequently. Otherwise, the washroom in the room was maintained well.

Overall it was a great trip, and I will be back to Cuba so I can explore Havana a bit more and get some more pictures of the rest of the city.

Alex – Alberta, Canada

Hola Amanda

Thanks for the welcome back. Had an awesome 2 weeks. LOVED,LOVED IT. So relaxing and no stress. The weather was perfect. No rain at all.  Everything went smooth. All your transfers and arrangements you did for us went perfect. No problem at all. It was a great adventure. Loved the parasailing. Loved the cruise and the resort.


All went smooth with no problems.

THANK YOU AGAIN. Hope all is well with you. Take care

Maxine – NFLD, Canada

Hi Amanda!!

The trip was amazing!! Thank you so much!! We had a great time at the Sol Sirenis Coral! The only thing was it wasn’t long enough! 🙂 I bet you hear that all the time. The resort was great! Beautiful place with lots of nice people! We are all ready thinking about the next trip! Hopefully sometime early next year. We will for sure book with you again!

Thanks again!!

Barry – Manitoba, Canada

Hi Amanda, weather was great, scenery was spectacular, accommodations were clean and spacious, club class flights were good , lots of selection for places to dine but food was hit and miss, mostly miss. I enjoyed the absence of children screaming and splashing in the pools. We had a nice time at the Catalonia Royal.

Thanks for all your assistance in making the vacation an overall enjoyable experience.


Bob – Manitoba, Canada

Hi Amanda! 

We had a fantastic time!!! The resort is beyond amazing. Being our first time going to Mexico I think we were a bit nervous but that resort made us feel so relaxed, safe and comfortable! I can’t express how wonderful the staff are. Every person there is incredibly hard working, the attention to detail in every aspect is unbelievable and they’re all so friendly. The landscaping was so beautiful, the gardens were so well kept, everything is very clean and the beach is beyond well maintained. (They rake up the seaweed!!) Our room was ocean view, it was just delightful to wake up in the morning and go sit on the balcony and watch the waves! I would recommend the resort to anyone going. It was a fun atmosphere but also relaxing. Once again I can’t express how fantastic the staff were. The hardest working people out there. They deserve a resort week for themselves!!! 

The food in all the restaurants was delicious. Every thing we ate was so well cooked and flavorful. Lots of unique, fun food but also food you could feed the picky eaters or someone with allergies. 

Blue Bay Grand Esmerelda is AMAMZING! I want to book my honeymoon there!

Thanks so much!!!

Sarah  – Saskatchewan, Canada  

Hey Amanda,

Trip went wonderfully!  Resort was great!  We have been to many all inclusives (leaving for the Royal Cancun on Tuesday) and the Majestic Colonial rates very well.  Rooms were beautiful and staff was fantastic.  The resort was well setup in terms of design.  You were never far away a bar, bathrooms, or a restaurant.  If we ever go back to Punta Cana we will definitely consider the Majestic.

Thanks for everything!

Steve and Amanda – NFLD, Canada 

Hi Amanda. We really liked the Trump. The room was clean, luxurious and service was excellent. The food was very good. Liquor prices were high but probably comparable to other hotels I suppose.

The only drawback was being off the strip even though they provided a shuttle regularly to the Wynn and every hour to Caesar’s Palace. But the hotel made every effort to help with your every request so I can’t help but recommend it!

You did a great job for us again Amanda and we will definitely recommend your services. Hope you also had a good holiday and thanks again for everything!

Donna and Laurie – Manitoba, Canada 

Hi Amanda 

We had a great time the resort was fantastic. The only comment we have is regarding when we checked in. The staff was not really up on what to do. It took a couple of people a while to find our package and get us all signed up. It is not a resort with only all-inclusive, in fact there were not that many all-inclusive mostly owner and time shares, so that is why probably the confusion on check-in.

The room, beach, bar and resturaunts were great we really enjoyed it. All the staff we very friendly and willing to help at anytime. For anyone wanting a relaxing vacation we would recommend The Reef Resort and the Cayman Islands. 

Brad and Donna – Manitoba, Canada

Hi Amanda,

We really liked the Barcelo Maya Palace.  Clean, modern, lots of dining options with delicious food….. I need to go to bootcamp five days a week for the next month.  Our room was in a good central location so we did not have long walks to get to the beach, pools or restaurants.  For those looking for a “party” atmosphere the Palace was pretty quiet so not the place to party. 

The rooms were cleaned immaculately daily and the mini bar topped up (even on days I forgot to tip oops!) I would definitely stay there again.

Helen – Alberta, Canada

Hi Amanda,

We had an awesome time!!!!!!!!!!  Loved the Majestice Colonial Resert, from the food, drinks, and the people so friendly and we were treated with good service. Yes we enjoyed the Wedding, it was lovely.  I did do something adventure, went parasailing. Iam glad I did it, even though I was nervous just thinking about it. But I wanted to do somthing seeing in a few months will be celebrating my 55th birthday, so I thought this would be something to remember on my trip. My daughter also loved the parasailing. Would love to go back their again someday.  We would recommend this Resort to anyone. Also we went on the Safari Outback. Enjoyed the trip out there to learn about their culture.

Amanda it was a pleasure dealing with you.

Joan and Courtney – NFLD, Canada



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