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Sandy McLary

Personal Travel & Cruise Consultant, ACC – CTC


*Small Ship Cruise Specialist *Luxury Cruise Specialist *Ocean & River Cruise Specialist *Certified Cruise Specialist with CLIA *Custom Itineraries for Individuals *Custom Experiences *Custom Itineraries for Groups *Group Travel Specialist *Ocean & River Cruise Specialist *Virtuoso, Specialist in the Art of Travel * Vast Specialist,Virtuoso Active & Specialty Travel *Adventure Travel Specialist

Direct Rimbey:  403-843-3475     Direct Edmonton: 780-761-3475     Email:     Find Out More: Click here     My Virtuoso: Click here

About TPI

Travel by Sandy is an Independent Affiliate of TPI, a travel agent network that provides the tools & back office support to Independent Travel Agencies in Canada for 20 + years. It is though this network & support team that I am confident that I am able to provide my clients the best the industry has to offer.


My Virtuoso, specialist in the art of travel affiliations can make the difference between a nice trip and an unforgettable experience.


Rimbey, AB
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Sandy McLary - Travel by Sandy is an independent owner, affiliated with TPI.