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A passion for travel and a dedication to high end personalized service and travel expertise,  you can trust all your travel needs to a Certified Professional in the travel industry – LANA KEYES – Your “Keyes” 2 unlocking your Travel Dreams!  Lana owns and operates a full-service home based travel agency and specializes in Destination Weddings!  It does not matter where you live – Lana can service all of your travel arrangements!  Being home based – flexible hours of operation are available for your convenience.

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Allow me to tell you more about myself:

Lana Keyes is a Certified Travel Counsellor who has been a professional in the travel industry since 2005.

It is a huge world out there, and no matter how much we travel or learn about travel, there is simply no way that we can be experts in all areas of the travel industry.  I am associated with Travel Professionals International (TPI).  TPI has a vast network of experienced and uniquely specialized individuals who can help me to provide exemplary service for all of your travel needs.

I started in the travel industry with TPI in May of 2005 with a passion for travel yet a desire to stay in the customer service sector which I have been involved in for over 30 years.  I continually expand my knowledge-base and am proud to be a Certified Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist, Certified Caribbean Specialist, Certified Travel Counsellor and have taken several specialist training courses including cruise training with Princess, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, WindStar and Norwegian as well as destination training with Turks & Caicos, Saint Lucia, Bahamas, Barbados to name a few along with hotel training with Couples, Sandals, AM Resorts, Melia, RIU and many more.  I have visited many Caribbean destinations (Dominica, Saint Lucia, St. Thomas, Curacao, Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Riviera Maya, Grenada, and the Grenadines).

My focus is to be a part of making your travel dreams come true by providing you with professional expertise and handling your travel arrangements with the utmost of care with the goal of providing you travel services beyond your expectations.  To accomplish this, it is necessary for me to understand your likes, dislikes, preferences, expectations, interests, etc.  Building a strong customer relationship is crucial for me to achieve this level of service.

You are able to research and book right here on my website!  There is a difference though compared to other “on-line” booking sites – booking on my website, you can be assured I am behind your booking and if you do book yourself on-line – I will be in touch with you very quickly after you book to welcome you as a customer!

Don’t want to research and book yourself – then I encourage you to contact me and I will handle all of your research and booking arrangements.  My services are complimentary provided you book your travel through me.  If you choose to book elsewhere after I have worked with you, I do charge for my professional services.

You have wisely chosen to book your travel services with the best the travel industry has to offer!

As a CTC I have followed a course of professional development consisting of attendance at seminars and workshops, the acquisition of industry experience and the receipt of a passing grade on the National Travel Industry Standards Examination.  Upon completing the requirements, I was awarded the CTC designation through CITC – Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors.



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  • Offer multi-price & multi-airline comparisons to save you time & money
  • Show you all the costs of travel – NO HIDDEN CHARGES
  • Listen to your travel needs
  • Create a personal file of your likes and dislikes, preferences & special needs
  • Defend your travel booking in case of disputes

 CTC’s  differentiate themselves from the masses selling travel.  Ensure that you get the most out of your travel experience.  Book your travel with a CTC


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My Top 3 Trips

Windstar Yacht Cruise & Barbados

Windstar Yacht Cruise & Barbados

January 2014

Arrived in Bridgetown Barbados on Jan. 24th and stayed at the Radisson Aquatica - Set sail on the Windstar Jan. 25th for a 1 week Jewels of Windward Islands itinerary visiting ports of call at Pigeon Island in Saint Lucia; St. George's, Grenada; Tobago Cays; Union Island & Bequia in St. Vincent, Grenadines. Tours taken were River Tubing in St. George's, Grenada which was a blast; Snorkeling in Tobago Cays.

After disembarking in Bridgetown Barbados on Feb. 1st - a week was spent in the newly acquired Sandals Barbados and while there the Saint Lucia Tourist Board arranged for some fantastic property inspections and tours including - The Crane, Hilton Barbados, Bougainvillea Beach Resort, Harrison's Cave, Atlantis Submarines Barbados and the Oistins Fish Fry.


  • Absolutely stunning property - The Crane and a perfect suggestion for a stunning Destination Wedding!
  • Barbados is a fantastic destination to visit - Friendly & Safe!

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia

February 2013

Arrived in Saint Lucia February 11th for an 11 night stay at the beautiful resort - The Landings! This is not an all inclusive resort, but through Air Canada Vacations a package air, transfers, land including daily breakfast was perfect! The beach area of the resort was small but very calm so great for swimming/floating. The resort had a few nights with fantastic entertainment - fire show as well as a wonderful solo saxaphone performer at sunset - just so romantic!

While in Saint Lucia the Tourist Board arranged various property visits which included: The BodyHoliday; Smugglers Cove Resort; Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort; St. James Club Morgan Bay; Rendezvous Resort; and Calabash Cove Resort. I also went on the Rainforest Zipline.


  • Fantastic resort - The Landings - Full Kitchen Suites available - Groceries are reasonable with a quick trip into Rodney Bay
  • Calabash Cove was a gem! Although there is not much of a beach there...the Sunset view is spectacular and a very romantic choice for Honeymooners
  • St. James Club Morgan Bay - a great All Inclusive choice



May 2013

My first Europe adventure was just that! An itinerary of 3 weeks jam-packed of so much!

Departed Winnipeg on Air Canada to Toronto on May 11th. Flights were on time and when I arrived in Toronto I had to collect baggage and proceed to check in with Air Transat for the overnight flight to Venice.

Upon arriving in Venice approx. 1:30 pm on May 12th - it was relatively easy to proceed with luggage and took a bus to Piazzale Roma. The hotel - Santa Chiara can be seen immediately upon getting off the bus. This hotel is in a great location and I found the hotel to be a good choice for that convenience. The room was huge as was the bathroom. It contained everything needed - but I must state that the room I was in was not in the main reception building but up the street a bit - but a bell-boy took my luggage to my room and was very friendly and accommodating. The hotel offered a breakfast in the main reception area and it was very nice.

I enjoyed Venice and took the boat taxi that day to visit San Marco Square and the many shops. I did not intend to shop much but just to experience the destination as the next day I would be departing on a 1 WK Costa Favalosa Cruise.

May 13th it was off to the cruise - Costa's Embarkation process is definitely my least favorite of all cruises I have taken - note they do require you to hand over your passport which they keep for the duration of the cruise. We had an all inclusive beverage package - This is somewhat limited and those drinks on the menu that have an asteriks you are required to pay for so one must be aware of this.

Port #1 - Bali, Italy - A very rainy day and consequently got soaked even with rain jackets and umbrella so ended up going back to the ship. Therefore nothing much was seen or enjoyed here which was unfortunate.
Port #2 - Kata - Had a great tour of Olympia and the guide on the tour booked was Natalia who was very good.
Port #3 - Izmir - Just walked around at this port but it would have been better to take a tour.
Port #4 - Istanbul - Took a tour here with a guide by the name of Elief who was very good. Also did get some time at the Grand Bazaar. The tour did allow to stay longer in the area as the ship was not departing until approximately 6:30 p.m. so I departed the tour and went back to the Grand Bazaar to spend some more time there for the experience.
Port #5 - Dubrovnik - This was definitely a beautiful destination and it would have been nice to spend more time here exploring. Took a tour that allowed more time at the destination with easy access to the ship to return. This was the only port that required tendering. It would have been nice to have taken the Tram to experience the small "Fort" village a little more. It was definitely a touristy spot and hence the guide advised that it was a very expensive place as it was mostly for tourism.

Arrival back in Venice at 10 a.m. on May 20th allowed time to explore Venice again before boarding the night train with Thello to Paris.
The Thello night train was supposedly 1st Class - I would not have wanted to see the lower class. I do believe that this train company needs some help as they appeared to be very dis-organized. There were several passengers that were "over-booked" and they were not happy at all. I would not recommend using this line, unless you have no other choice and need to travel overnight.

Paris - stayed at the All Seasons Bercy. The room was small but the bathroom was of decent size. The location was very close to the Metro so it was easy to get all around. Purchased the Paris Pass which was helpful for the Metro, hop-on/hop-off bus, access to several attractions, etc. I would recommend the Paris Pass as a good value. Visited the Eiffel Tower and had lunch there which was very very expensive BUT the experience and view was nice.

Departed Paris early in the morning on May 24th via a car rental and headed to the southeast of France. A small village - Serres where I had the experience of being guests at Quo Vadis Aerodrome and airplane gliding in the French Alps - a once in a life-time experience!! Here I had chalet accommodations right at the airport and spent the night. There was a wicked rain/hail storm at early evening but after the storm - a beautiful double rainbow!

Late in the day on May 25th departed for the next destination - Nice, France where I spent 3 nights in the Appart City Acropolis in the city centre. This hotel was a bit of a challenge to find at night and although there was underground parking at this hotel it did cost 10 Euros/night. The hotel offered daily breakfast. The next day, the car rental was returned to the Nice train termina. It was very busy trying to find it with the amount of traffic and people at parking. I would advise to fill up before entering the city so that you don't have to worry about finding a gas station in the city as there were alot of streets that were difficult to manoeuver. GPS equipped vehicles are highly recommended.

May 26th took the train to visit Cannes and checked out the Cannes Film Festival.

May 27th took the train once again to Monte Carlo for the Formula 1 Race. It was a great day, weather-wise for the race with it clouding over before the race and not raining until the very end. Took ear protection. There were some "pre-races" - the Renault cars were pretty loud and the actual Formula 1 race was a more high pitched noise but in my opinion not as loud as the Renault cars. Had seating in Section T2 of the Grand Stands which was across from the pit area. I found it a bit difficult to follow the race but the experience of being there was another once in a life-time.

A tip to remember - that train travel in Europe is relatively "security-free" and the only thing you must remember to do is "validate" your ticket - to do this there are machines in the train stations that you insert your ticket in and it validates it. If you don't validate and you are asked by a rep to produce your ticket - you can very easily be fined.

After Nice, I headed by air to Rome for my last destination. Had a flight with Express Blu - Blue Panorama from Nice to Rome. The experience here was pretty good, although there are no seats assigned so it is basically rush seating so if you are concerned about your seats you may wish to arrive early to be one of the first in line. At Nice, however, they shuttle you out to the aircraft so I found that people like to be a bit pushy.

Upon arriving in Rome, picked up my Roma Pass at the Airport that was pre-purchased and took the Leonardo Express for 14 Euro per person to the Termini Station in Rome. From there walked to my hotel - Hotel Alpi which was about a 10 min. walk. The sidewalks had in areas a black square cobblestone which was extremely hot and hard on the luggage wheels. One of my wheels got damage with the axle pretty much dis-lodging and with the black on black between the cobblestone and the luggage wheels it was almost too hot to touch. Fortunately, I made it to the hotel without having to actually carry my luggage! About a 10 min. walk away from the hotel found a luggage repair store and had the wheel fixed for 15 Euro. The Hotel Alpi was a nice place and although the room was small, it was set up well for 4 nights offering a daily breakfast, and free wifi. I would recommend this hotel. The Roma Pass was not as valuable as the Paris Pass as it did not cover the hop-on/hop-off buses and only 2 museum entries - but it was helpful on the metro and worked well.

I did not like the crowds of the metros in Paris or Rome but that is a part of city life that I am not used to - so an experience none-the-less.
While in Rome, visited many churches, as well as the Vatican, Trevi Fountain, Colloseum, etc.

Lots and Lots and Lots of walking is the order of every day you spend in these destinations of Europe so be prepared and aware of what is at the destination and pre-planning can certainly save you time in lines and getting to where you want to go.


  • Europe is a wonderful experience but not a trip where you can expect to return "rested"...You will be tired!
  • Serres, France - Airplane Gliding was a highlight I would recommend to anyone and was considered to me to be the highlight of my European adventure!


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